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Brooklyn Criminal Defense Blog

Bronx False Arrest Attorney Got Justice for Five Young Men

A Bronx False Arrest Attorney was recently successful in obtaining justice for five young men in the Bronx who ranged in age of fifteen to twenty-two. According to news reports, the five young men had ...
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Michael J. Redenburg, Esq. Named Top 40 Under 40 By ASLA

December 18, 2013: Michael J. Redenburg, Esq., is proud to have been named to The American Society of Legal Advocate's (ASLA) Top 40 Under 40 Criminal Defense Attorneys. Attorney Redenburg's ...
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Stop and Frisk & Suing the NYPD

The subject of stop and frisk, a method of purported "crime prevention" used by the New York City Police Department has been the source of much debate, and also a political hot potato. While ...
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Brooklyn DP Decline to Prosecute Attorney

March 1, 2013 Every day in Brooklyn, men and women are falsely arrested and some have their cases DP decline to prosecute. Unfortunately, in many Brooklyn false arrest cases, the individual wrongfully ...
Continue reading "Brooklyn DP Decline to Prosecute Attorney" »

DWI Checkpoints & Roadblocks

February 20, 2013 If you are arrested and charged with a New York DWI after being stopped at a DWI Checkpoint or Roadblock, it is wise to consult with a DWI attorney as soon as possible. An ...
Continue reading "DWI Checkpoints & Roadblocks" »

Miranda Violated by Queens DA's Office

February 1, 2013 In writing for the 2nd Department, Appellate Division panel, Justice Peter Skelos delivered a strong rebuke concerning the pre-arraignment script used by the Queens County District ...
Continue reading "Miranda Violated by Queens DA's Office" »

Other Field Sobriety Tests- Driving While Intoxicated

January 30, 2013 In an earlier post, two of the common field sobriety tests often administered to a motorist suspected of driving while intoxicated were discussed. DWI attorney Michael Redenburg now ...
Continue reading "Other Field Sobriety Tests- Driving While Intoxicated" »

Criminal Charges

January 29, 2013 When a family member first reaches out to a criminal defense lawyer after their loved one has been arrested and charged with a crime, one of the first things they often state are the ...
Continue reading "Criminal Charges" »

Governor Targets Weapons Possession

January 28, 2013 The job of a weapons possession attorney will likely become tougher as Governor Cuomo recently announced his proposal, which, if passed, would be the most restrictive ban on assault ...
Continue reading "Governor Targets Weapons Possession" »

Brooklyn DWI Field Sobriety Tests

January 25, 2013 A Brooklyn DWI Attorney will tell you how complicated a DWI charge can be. Not only are prosecutors extremely tough when dealing with these cases, but further, the law as written in ...
Continue reading "Brooklyn DWI Field Sobriety Tests" »

Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument

January 21, 2013 In New York, the criminal charge of Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument can range from a Class A Misdemeanor to a Class C Felony. New York Penal Law Section 170.00, Item 7 ...
Continue reading "Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument" »

Public Lewdness

December 18, 2012 While there are certainly much more serious crimes that one may find themselves charged with in New York, a charge of public lewdness is arguably one of the more embarrassing. If you ...
Continue reading "Public Lewdness" »

Brooklyn Wrongful Arrest Attorney

October 27, 2012 A Brooklyn Wrongful Arrest Attorney represents individuals who are victims of police misconduct and excessive force used by police. Unfortunately, these issues arise far too often and ...
Continue reading "Brooklyn Wrongful Arrest Attorney" »

Brooklyn False Arrest Lawyer

October 2, 2012 A Brooklyn false arrest lawyer represents individuals who are wrongfully arrested due to improper actions of the police. Just about anyone can be the victim of a false arrest, as seen ...
Continue reading "Brooklyn False Arrest Lawyer" »

False Arrest Claims

September 21, 2012 The New York City Police Department ("NYPD") is charged with protecting the great city we live in. As a general rule, the police department does a fine job of serving and ...
Continue reading "False Arrest Claims" »

Weapons Possession Laws Take Front Page

July 26, 2012 Weapons Possession and gun laws; and whether or not tougher laws are the answer have taken front page following the tragic shooting that took place at a movie theater in Colorado ...
Continue reading "Weapons Possession Laws Take Front Page" »

Mass. SJC Says Prove You're Indigent

July 18, 2012 The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ("Mass. SJC") recently held that before a criminally charged individual can be appointed a public defender to represent them at ...
Continue reading "Mass. SJC Says Prove You're Indigent" »

OWS Angry Over Alleged DNA Link

July 13, 2012 The week of July 9, 2012, an Occupy Wall Street protester had their DNA linked to the 2004 murder of Sarah Fox; however, it was later learned that the supposed "matching ...
Continue reading "OWS Angry Over Alleged DNA Link" »

Be Careful Where You Drink Your Beer in Brooklyn

July 12, 2012 Last month, a criminal court judge in Brooklyn ruled that in order for a police officer to cite a Brooklyn resident for drinking alcohol in public - when the beverage is in a cup, the ...
Continue reading "Be Careful Where You Drink Your Beer in Brooklyn" »

AG Schneiderman Files Lawsuits

July 11, 2012 Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced yesterday that his office has filed lawsuits in 12 counties throughout New York, seeking to ban the sale of synthetic marijuana and other ...
Continue reading "AG Schneiderman Files Lawsuits" »

Credit Card Theft Takedown

July 6, 2012 In a credit card theft takedown, which is being called the largest coordinated international law enforcement action in history, directed at so-called "carding crimes," at least ...
Continue reading "Credit Card Theft Takedown" »

NYC Schools Discuss Arrest Rates

July 5, 2012 Late last month, a meeting was held to discuss and examine the excessiveness of arrests and school suspensions imposed on students in the Bronx. The meeting was named "People's ...
Continue reading "NYC Schools Discuss Arrest Rates" »

Campaign Against Illegal Guns

July 3, 2012 As a result of a so-called buy-and-bust operation nearly ten years ago, which resulted in the murder of two undercover detectives, the City Council has designated the 120th Police ...
Continue reading "Campaign Against Illegal Guns" »

Mandatory Breathalyzers

July 2, 2012 As a criminal defense attorney is likely to tell you, the penalties for driving while intoxicated in New York are constantly getting harsher; ranging from the requirement of an Ignition ...
Continue reading "Mandatory Breathalyzers" »

Proposed Bill - Tougher DWI Penalties

June 29, 2012 A bill in the Assembly chamber of the New York legislature would severely increase penalties and restrictions for motorists with numerous DWI convictions. The bill was introduced in the ...
Continue reading "Proposed Bill - Tougher DWI Penalties" »

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