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Brooklyn Assault Attorney

Criminal Defense Lawyer for Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens, New York

The crime of violence against another person is called assault. It refers to the action of striking or harming another or acting in a threatening manner which puts the victim in fear of being harmed. Assault in the first degree and assault in the second degree typically occur when the offender uses a weapon to threaten or actually injures the victim. The difference between assault in the first or second degree and assault in the third degree lies in the degree of injury done to the victim. A conviction of assault may result in jail time, restitution, mandatory counseling for anger management, fines, prohibition against owning a weapon, court costs and a permanent criminal record.

If you or someone you know has been charged with assault in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island or Queens, it is critical that you seek legal representation. The Brooklyn criminal defense lawyer Michael Redenburg may be able to provide the legal assistance you need. He offers highly-qualified and aggressive legal representation with an emphasis on personalized attention. It is important that you contact him as soon as possible before you answer questions from any law enforcement personnel. His primary goal will be to minimize the consequences of your arrest or charges.

Consult with a Brooklyn Assault Lawyer

Not all cases of assault are clear-cut or easily decided. That is why an assault attorney is needed in these circumstances. There may be mitigating factors such as self-defense or the defense of another person or property. Your Brooklyn assault defense attorney will thoroughly investigate the situation surrounding the charges of assault brought against you. If contacted soon enough, he can begin an early preparation. Throughout the legal process, he will fight for your rights and interests and act as a powerful advocate on your behalf.

Have you been charged with assault in Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Queens? Contact the Brooklyn assault attorney at the firm for legal help today!

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