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Burglary Defense Attorney in Brooklyn

What constitutes burglary?

Burglary is usually defined as illegally entering any building or structure (not limited to a home or business) with the intention of committing a crime. Burglary is most often thought of as involving theft but it could be any crime. A person walking through an open, unlocked doorway uninvited, with the intention of stealing money could be charged with burglary whether any money was actually taken or not. To prove guilt in a burglary charge, the prosecutor must give evidence or show that each separate part of the definition has been done. For example, a prosecutor must prove that the defendant entered without the consent of the person who owns or occupies the property. A skilled and knowledgeable Brooklyn criminal defense lawyer will investigate and find any and all weaknesses in any charges against you and exploit those found to get the charges dismissed or reduced. He will work energetically for the best possible outcome for you.

Brooklyn Burglary Defense Lawyer

There are three separate degrees of burglary in New York: first, second and third. In a first-degree burglary conviction, the defendant could face up to 25 years in prison. Second degree could be up to 15 years and a third degree conviction could be jail time up to seven years in prison. There are many factors that a professional defense attorney will employ to accomplish the best possible outcome for his client based on the circumstances of the case. Michael J. Redenburg has lived and worked in Brooklyn. He believes that serving in the place where he lives enables him to have a much deeper understanding of the people he defends and the challenges they face. He takes great personal care for each of his clients.

Contact a Brooklyn criminal defense attorney today if you have been charged with burglary.

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