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Dowtown NYC includes Battery Park, Tribeca, The Financial District and the Wall Street Area. It is also a busting international tourist destination with tourist regularly flocking to “The Bull” in the middle of the road near 11 Broadway.

Electric Bike E-Bike Accident Attorneys

E-Bike Accident Lawyers in Downtown NYC

At Michael J. Redenburg, Esq. PC, we know how devastating e-bike accidents can be, having represented such victims at the Firm. Our personal injury lawyers represent electric bicycle riders who have been injured by negligent drivers and our firm has collected millions of dollars on behalf of injured clients.

With more than fifteen years of legal experience we understand the ins and outs of pursuing these claims and can put our knowledge and experience to work for you.

If you were struck and injured due to the negligence of a car, truck, or bus driver or by another electric bicycle or e-bike, you may be able to sue for monetary damages. Damages may include reimbursement for medical bills incurred, partial or permanent disability, past, present and future lost wages and also pain and suffering you have endured. We have the necessary resources to see your case through to a successful conclusion.  

Poor Maintenance of E-Bikes Can Lead to Accidents

Companies that rent-out e-bike are driven by profits, not safety. When is the last time that the e-bike was serviced? Repaired? Who repaired it?

Compensation Available

What Type of Compensation can I Recover for my Electric Bike Accident?

  • Pain and Suffering
  • Disabilities Created as a Result of an Injury
  • Disfigurement
  • Embarrassment
  • Emotional Distress
  • Medical Expenses
  • Past Lost Wages
  • Future Lost Wages
  • Funeral Costs
  • Loss of Consortium (Care, comfort, or companionship of a loved one)
  • Loss of Future Economic Support

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Literally one of the best in the business. Wouldn't want anyone else to handle situations of the law if it isn't Mr. Redenburg. I can say and been a witness of Mr. Redenburg's work to the point where he basically schooled the judge about how a certain law works. The judge learned something new, literally the judge thanked Mr. Redenburg for teaching him something for the future.

Downtown NYC E-bike Accident Attorney Serving New York City

If you have been injured in an NYC E-bike Accident due to someone else's negligence, contact the personal injury Lawyer at Michael J. Redenburg, Esq. PC and get the wheels of justice spinning for you. Call 212-240-9465 now!       

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