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Litigation Update: Adam Knoll & Eyal Shuster (Saddlewood Court, LLC) vs. City of Jersey City et. ano.

Posted by Michael Redenburg | Aug 05, 2021 | 0 Comments

As a follow-up to our post on July 28, 2021, we write to update everyone on Adam Knoll & Eyal Shuster's (Saddlewood Court, LLC) latest lawsuit bearing Docket No. HUD-L-2638-21, which followed a previous lawsuit that they filed regarding the same issues and LOST. Their latest lawsuit is really a Revenge Suit of sorts, which seeks to hold up the construction of a PUBLIC SCHOOL and perpetuate the existence of a fire hazard in The Blighted Laurel-Saddlewood Block, deemed a condemnation area. Behind the veil of Saddlewood Court, LLC are Adam Knoll & Eyal Shuster, who both live and work in Jersey City, NJ and are suing the very City where they live and work! Yes, this is true.

And guess who pays for Jersey City's and other NJ entities' defense in opposition to the Adam Knoll & Eyal Shuster (Saddlewood Court, LLC) lawsuit suing them? That's right! Jersey City residents, by and through their tax dollars! And so, succinctly put, Adam Knoll & Eyal Shuster (Saddlewood Court, LLC) are costing Jersey City tax payers MONEY, in a misguided and sure to fail attempt to forward their own selfish agenda. Meanwhile, Eyal Shuster proclaims to love Jersey City and small businesses in Jersey City. “Fake people hate honesty. It's the lies that keep them feeling good about themselves and their lives.”

The “revenge” that Adam Knoll & Eyal Shuster (Saddlewood Court, LLC)  seek in their latest suit, which they know, or should have reason to know will FAIL, is motivated by their upset that they lost their last lawsuit addressing essentially the same issues. Adam Knoll & Eyal Shuster essentially believe, that if they lose their doomed fight to hold up the construction of a much needed public school, then they will “block” the construction of the much needed public school by way of conspiracy-theory laden frivolous litigation: ie-REVENGE. And the revenge they are seeking is harming the residents with children that live near The Blighted Laurel-Saddlewood Block, grades K-5 in Jersey City, but Adam Knoll & Eyal Shuster don't care.  Now, Adam Knoll does not care that he is obstructing the construction of a public school, because he is childless, for the time being, although he is getting married September, 2021. If and when Knoll has children, maybe he will think less selfishly… And Eyal Shuster is a wealthy man, thanks to the “powers that be” that allowed him to construct his Jersey City real estate empire, and so he can easily afford to send his four (4) children to private school, so holding up the construction of a much needed public school does not affect Eyal Shuster, and he doesn't care how his selfish actions affect others.

Today, one of the many entities that Adam Knoll & Eyal Shuster (Saddlewood Court, LLC) sued in the new lawsuit, HUD-L-2638-21, Jersey City Redevelopment Agency, interposed an Answer to the Adam Knoll & Eyal Shuster (Saddlewood Court, LLC) Complaint and also wrote to the Court. The letter written to the Court by Jersey City Redevelopment Agency requests a Case Management Conference and also points out that “most if not all of the issues raised in this Complaint have been adjudicated in Saddlewood Court, LLC v. City of Jersey City, et. al., HUD-L-1130-20.” In the Saddlewood Court, LLC v. City of Jersey City, et. al., HUD-L-1130-20 Action, Adam Knoll & Eyal Shuster (Saddlewood Court, LLC) LOST, and then moved for Reconsideration and LOST again, and then filed an Appeal before the A.D. Jersey City Redevelopment Agency's letter goes on to point out that “[Adam Knoll & Eyal Shuster (Saddlewood Court, LLC)] has appealed the dismissal of [their earlier] matter, and that appeal is pending in the Appellate Division [A-002665-20]. Accordingly, the Complaint here, reduced to its essence, is: i) a collateral appeal from the prior dismissal; and ii) a request for this Court to take jurisdiction of a matter pending in the Appellate Division, both of which are prohibited by the Court Rules and require dismissal of the matter forthwith.”

We will continue to update everyone here on our Blog as the latest Adam Knoll & Eyal Shuster (Saddlewood Court, LLC) lawsuit moves forward, or hopefully, is dismissed with prejudice and the new school can be built by LENNAR, a renowned, first-in-class Real Estate Development Company.

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