Personal Injury and Accident AttorneyMichael J. Redenburg Seeks to Intervene in an Adam Knoll & Eyal Shuster (SADDLEWOOD COURT, LLC) Lawsuit Alleging Jersey City Entered Corrupt “Secret Agreement” on 50-Story Tower

July 28, 20210

After their last lawsuit was Dismissed, Eyal Shuster and Adam Knoll, the members of Saddlewood Court, LLC, filed a NEW lawsuit on July 2, 2021 in Hudson County Superior Court. The SADDLEWOOD entity, which owns a single prefabricated home within a condemnation area, is owned and controlled by Eyal Shuster and Adam Knoll, according to reports.

Lawsuit Alleges Jersey City Entered Corrupt “Secret Agreement” on 50-Story Tower | Jersey Digs

On July 2, 2021, a fresh lawsuit was filed in Hudson County Superior Court by Saddlewood Court LLC. The company, which owns a single prefabricated home on a redevelopment site, and which Saddlewood purchased as an investment property without any intention to occupy, is controlled by its members, Eyal Shuster and Adam Knoll. The latest Shuster-Knoll lawsuit alleges that Jersey City, who made Shuster a wealthy man, entered into a Corrupt “Secret Agreement” on a 50-Story Tower, slated to be developed by a renowned, first in class developer, LENNAR. Lennar’s Facebook page is here Lennar NJ NY – Home | Facebook

Allegations Made Within Redenburg’s Motion to Intervene

Because Redenburg is being negatively affected by SADDLEWOOD COURT, LLC’s (“SADDLEWOOD”) actions, Redenburg is an interested party. Redenburg lives at 160 First Street, Jersey City, NJ and across the street from the blighted Saddlewood Block 11501 (“The Blighted Laurel-Saddlewood Block”) and the The Blighted Laurel-Saddlewood Block is a conflagration waiting to happen, posing a significant risk of imminent harm to Redenburg. Furthermore, SADDLEWOOD’s latest action is holding up the development of a school that, once built by Lennar Multifamily Communities and/or LMC Laurel-Saddlewood Holdings, LLC, will afford Redenburg the right to send his six (6) year old daughter to school, while presently, Redenburg is forced to have his daughter attend private school in Hoboken, NJ, because there are a lack of public schools in the area.


SADDLEWOOD is the owner of one (1) property, 11 Saddlewood Court, Jersey City, NJ, within the The Blighted Laurel-Saddlewood Block and the Blighted Laurel-Saddlewood Block consists of Thirty-Nine (39) substandard and obsolescent interlocked tin-can homes, which are over Forty (40) years old. Redenburg’s Motion to intervene filed on July 28, 2021, alleges that, upon good information and belief, the members of SADDLEWOOD are Eyal Shuster, who is not only litigious, but cares only about himself and Adam Knoll, who Shuster has taken under his wing, and likewise, cares only about himself.

SADDLEWOOD brought a prior action, HUD-L-1130-20, raising essentially the same issues raised in this case, and their action was Dismissed by way of Court Order dated March 4, 2021. Relentless, and unconcerned with the fire hazard posed by The Blighted Laurel -Saddlewood Block, and unconcerned that they were, and still are, holding up the development of a school, SADDLEWOOD moved for reconsideration of the Court’s dismissal in the earlier HUD-L-1130-20 Action, and The Honorable Joseph A. Turula Denied SADDLEWOOD’s motion for reconsideration. SADDLEWOOD’s next option would be to seek Appellate review, but SADDLEWOOD knew that looking to the Appellate Division may not stop the condemnation of The Blighted Laurel -Saddlewood Block, where LENNAR MULTIFAMILY COMMUNITIES, and LMC LAUREL SADDLEWOOD HOLDINGS, LLC (“LENNAR”) will be building a much-needed public school, so SADDLEWOOD concocted a wild and elaborate conspiracy laden theory, which they had their counsel morph into a pleading, bearing Docket No.: HUD-L-2638-21, without concern for the public in general.

Accordingly, Michael J. Redenburg has sought to intervene in the Shuster/Knoll suit which holds up the development of a much needed public school, and perpetuates the existence of a blighted condemnation area which is at least, a significant fire hazard.