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Snow & Ice Auto Accidents in NYC

Posted by Michael Redenburg | Feb 03, 2022 | 0 Comments

From time to time, New York City gets plummeted with snow and hail during the winter season.  It may look pretty when it first blankets the landscape, but it is also extremely dangerous for those upon the roads, highways and interstates. And because Manhattanites are not met with heavy snowfall ever year, the City can be unprepared and ill-equipped for these winter storms when they do happen, clogging up roadways and highways.

On January 5, 2022, icy, rain-slicked roads played havoc with the morning commute in New York, leading to hundreds of car accidents, including multiple massive pileups with fatalities.

Conditions fouled air traffic too, with all flights nationwide to LaGuardia on a one-hour delay and United flights to Newark from all other cities on a ground stop.

At one point Wednesday morning, New York's traffic map showed more than 90+ incidents. And from Hartford, Connecticut to Trenton, New Jersey, there were so many accidents it was nearly impossible to even map them all.

In Westchester County, a significant response was underway after a multi-vehicle accident on the northbound Hutchinson River Parkway resulted in injuries. The county also confirmed one person died in a wreck on the Cross County Parkway.

Despite brutal winter weather conditions, motorists are required to maintain control of their vehicles. Unfortunately, drivers don't always do everything possible to avoid sliding on icy or snowy road conditions. There are different kinds of icing conditions, but the worst is arguably “black ice,” which is next to impossible to see, especially when driving and even more so when it is dark out. Black ice roadway conditions can be especially cumbersome upon bridges and sloped terrain.

Therefore, to avoid snow and ice accidents in New York City, is advised that drivers reduce their speed significantly is they must take to the roads during inclement weather. Additionally, give yourself plenty of room between yourself and the vehicle ahead of you to allow extra distance for braking.

If you are involved in an NYC snow and ice accident, get immediate medical assistance. Thereafter, contact the Law Firm of Michael J. Redenburg, Esq. PC at 212-240-9465. We Will Fight for You!

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