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Michael Redenburg

New York City Personal Injury Lawyer

Michael J. Redenburg is a New York City Personal Injury Lawyer with more than fifteen years of litigation experience, having tried numerous cases to verdict in both State and Federal courthouses in the State of New York.

Attorney Michael J. Redenburg began his career defending cases for the clients of insurance companies at a litigation firm on Long Island. There he saw the lengths that insurance companies would go to in order to avoid paying claims for the policyholders that were their clients and to whom they owed a duty. This was invaluable experience because understating how a case is defended by insurance company lawyers assists in preparing a case for trial when representing a client injured in an auto accident or other personal injury matter in Manhattan and its surrounding boroughs, which is what Attorney Redenburg focuses his practice on now.

Attorney Redenburg subsequently moved on to a Manhattan personal injury defense firm where he represented the insureds of major carriers in serious accident cases involving large trucks, buses and premises liability matters. It is there that Mr. Redenburg tried his first case, defending the insurance company’s insured and successfully obtaining a directed verdict on behalf of his client.  

Michael J. Redenburg currently maintains an office in the heart of Lower-Manhattan, easily accessible by subway and the Staten Island ferry.   

Auto Accidents

We have represented hundreds of auto accident victims throughout New York City’s five boroughs of Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. We have also represented car accident victims in the State Courts of Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk counties. New York City Car Accident Lawyer Michael J. Redenburg regularly handles these cases from initial intake, which involves ensuring that all no-fault documents are properly completed and sent to the appropriate carrier within the strict time frame set forth in the New York State Insurance Law and prosecuting the case from there.

Truck Accidents

Accidents that involve large trucks such as big-rigs and over-the-road 18-wheelers carry large  loads and are extremely heavy vehicles, especially when fully-loaded. In the event of an accident these trucks have the potential to destroy passenger cars that they come into contact with, causing serious injury to vehicle occupants. It is also important to know that the tractor and the trailer of these 18-wheelers may be separately insured and so a thorough understanding of how to handle this type of case is important.

Bus Accidents

Large buses are omnipresent in Manhattan and they include tour buses, hop-on-and-off sightseeing buses, private charter buses and NYC Transit Buses. Hiring a New York City Personal Injury Attorney with experience handling bus accidents is especially necessary if the accident involved a Transit Bus because there are many time-sensitive documents that must be filed and served immediately. By way of example only, if the bus is a NYCTA bus or an MTA bus, a Notice of Claim must be served upon them within ninety (90) days of the accident or any claim against them may be forever time-barred.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are prevalent in New York City due largely to the heavy traffic congestion. Manhattan also draws motorists from out-of-town who are unfamiliar with City streets and traffic patterns which adds to the number of accidents that occur. And while motorcycling offers unparalleled freedom, it also leaves a rider fully exposed in the case of an accident as motorcyclists have little protection other than a helmet. In light of this reality, motorcyclists can suffer devastating and even life-changing injuries when involved in an accident. To complicate matters, motorcyclists are not covered by New York’s no-fault insurance law to pay for medical bills resulting from the accident, and are therefore left to pay their treating doctors through their own medical insurance or have medical procedures done on a lien basis.

Bicycle Accidents

Bicycles provide an open-air method to explore the City and include rental bikes parked throughout the City for public use. Like motorcyclists, however, the riders of traditional pedal bikes are without protection when involved in a crash and the injuries sustained when involved in an accident with a motor vehicle are often times serious. In addition to road rash, injuries can include fractured bones and the necessity for surgical intervention. While a bicycle helmet can provide some protection, a cyclist’s body still contacts the ground with force in addition to the vehicular contact.

Construction Site Accidents

The hardworking men and women who perform the necessary trades to build and maintain the beautiful Manhattan skyline are to thank for their dedicated hard work. But the work is dangerous and the contractors responsible for the oversight of construction projects often cut corners to maximize profits and pay-off construction loans that exist until the project is complete. Fortunately, New York has some very strong laws in place that protect workers and place strict liability upon the general contractors and subcontractors on site. But these cases can be difficult because it must be ensured that all necessary parties are named in any suit. Furthermore, if a municipality such as The City of New York is going to be a necessary party defendant, a Notice of Claim must be served upon them within ninety (90) days of the accident. Since time sensitive issues must be tended to, contacting an experienced New York City Personal Injury Attorney immediately after the accident is strongly advised.

Results: Trip & Fall Accident, Queens County, New York City

October, 2023: $210,000.00 Settlement

Trial Attorney

It is often said that only about 3-5% of all personal injury cases actually go to trial resulting in a jury verdict. There are many reasons for this. First, to get to trial takes a very long time in the City courts and some people need the money from their personal injury case sooner than later and a settlement can often be reached sooner than a trial can take place. Second, trials are risky and a personal injury plaintiff is asking 6 people that they have never met before, the jurors, to decide how much money they should be awarded, if any at all. And even after a jury verdict, if the defendant believes that the verdict is excessive, they have the right to appeal and appeals are themselves expensive and protracted. There are forums such as NAM where the parties and their counsel can appear before a Mediator, often times a very seasoned lawyer or a retired Judge to assist them in coming to a settlement that is often acceptable to both sides and can be reached long before a trial date is had. But if a trial is necessary and desired, Michael J. Redenburg, Esq. has the requisite trial experience to try a case to verdict if and when necessary.

If you have been injured in an accident due to the fault or negligence of another, you should seek the representation of a seasoned personal injury lawyer. You will find such dedicated experience in Michael J. Redenburg, Esq., so contact us now at 212-240-9465 to schedule your free, no obligation in-office consultation today and see how we can get the Wheels of Justice spinning for you.

Michael J. Redenburg Attorney

Meet Michael J. Redenburg

Michael Redenburg has handled hundreds of auto accident cases throughout the five boroughs; Suffolk County, Nassau County and Westchester, recovering millions of dollars for his clients injured due to the negligence of others.

Client Reviews

I had a very positive experience working with Mr. Redenburg. He handled my personal injury case which was successfully settled over the course of two years. He was extremely diligent, knowledgeable and...

- Dawn N.

Michael Redenburg took over my [car accident] case when my past attorney retired from my case. My past attorney was the one who recommended him to me I can say it was the best choice he ever made. He is very...

- Fernando H.

Michael Redenburg is great at what he does. He helped me though the case after my accident helped me with everything. I didn't have to speak with the insurance company about anything he handled and in the end...

- Tamika
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