$350,000.00 Settlement After Jury Selection

July 13, 2021

Pre-Jury Selection Offer: $175,000.00

In a personal injury case, that occurred back in 2014, the Law Firm of Michael J. Redenburg, Esq. PC successfully settled a Multiple Car Accident case in Richmond County, Supreme Court, Staten Island, NY on July, 13, 2021. The collision involved a three-car accident that occurred on the Belt Parkway near the exit ramp to the Verrazano Bridge.

The firm’s client was a passenger in a car (Vehicle #2) that was rear-ended by vehicle #3. Vehicle #2 had stopped on the exit ramp and there were allegations that Vehicle #2 stopped because the front vehicle (Veh #1) stopped because he was headed to the Verrazano Bridge, where he would have had to pay a toll, and had wanted to stay left on the Belt Parkway. Allegations included that Veh #1 had his left turn signal on because he wanted to stay on the Belt, and then stopped. Vehicle #2, which Plaintiff was a passenger in, safely stopped behind Veh #1 and Veh #2 was then struck by the rear vehicle, Veh #3. Veh #3, struck Veh #2, which the firm’s client was a passenger in, and Veh #2 was then propelled into the front vehicle, Veh #1.

Allegations included that the driver of Veh #3 was in the course of his employment when the accident occurred. The firm’s client sustained multiple injuries, including a right knee injury requiring an arthroscopic surgery and the client also sustained neck and back soft tissue injuries, without surgery. Prior to the accident, the client had been a Union plumber and after the accident, the client took a job with the City because the Union labor work was too strenuous after the injuries he sustained in the accident.

The client demanded a trial. Most auto accident attorneys will agree that Staten Island, Richmond County is a relatively “conservative” County with regard to verdicts. In other words, many Richmond County jurors are hard working people, who know the value of a dollar, and do not often render “runaway verdicts.”

After two (2) days of jury selection and assembling a panel of six (6) jurors and two (2) alternates, the parties agreed to conference the matter before the Judge. With the assistance of the Judge, a Three Hundred Fifty Thousand ($350,000.00) Dollar Settlement was reached.

Attorney Michael J. Redenburg, Esq. tries personal injury cases, and does not accept settlements to resolve cases quickly when it is not in the best interest of his clients, always having his clients’ best interest in mind. This case was a perfect example of how insurance companies often “test” clients and the client’s attorney to see how far they will go. In other words, often times the insurance companies throw out low-ball offers, knowing that many clients and even many attorneys do not want to go to trial. Once they see that you’re committed, many cases often settle after jury-selection, and before trial, once the insurance company knows that you’re willing to go the distance, and when you give the case to 6 people you’ve never met before to decide, you have no idea what they will decide. Insurance companies are for-profit businesses and they look to pay as little as possible for your injury, but are also constantly evaluating the case as it progresses, and want to mitigate their exposure.