5 Things That Can Complicate and Sabotage Your Personal Injury Case In New York

You have the right to sue for damages if you suffer injuries in an accident caused by another person’s negligence. The amount you stand to recover and whether you recover anything relies on several variables. A personal injury case is a complicated issue that must be handled carefully by an experienced lawyer.

Here are 5 typical ways that people sabotage a personal injury case

  1. Staying Active on social media

It would be best if you were extremely cautious about what you post. You can go into more detail with your attorney Depending on how long they anticipate your case taking. Insurers and investigators frequently check your social media account to see if anything could undermine or disprove your claim. Hence, you must be careful of your activities on social media.

  1. Disregarding Medical Advice

The medical professionals treating your accident-related injuries will give you detailed instructions. Failing to follow these instructions will make your injury worse. The insurance company might be able to use your disregard for this advice as evidence against you in court if you disregard it.

  1. You Are Not Keeping Your Case Confidential

Discussing your case with people could impact how your case may proceed. You might even be charged with a crime if your encounter is identified and documented as “interfering with a juror.”

  1. Concealing Prior Injuries or Accidents

Your attorney could assist you in determining the best method to submit this information to avoid jeopardizing your claim if the accident for which you are requesting compensation aggravated an earlier injury. Insurance investigators are skilled at digging into your records and spotting lies. You can be sure you will be caught if you knowingly try to hide injuries or medical history from your lawyer.

  1. Waiting Too Long to File a Suit

The statute of limitations may expire, and you will lose out on receiving financial compensation for your injuries if you wait too long to bring a personal injury lawsuit.

Finally, you can file a case and receive monetary compensation for your injuries with a qualified and skilled personal injury attorney.