Auto Accident Victim Gets 24X What Insurance Company Offered

In a recent auto accident case settled by the Firm, a Queens woman obtained a settlement in an auto accident case that was twenty-four (24) times greater than what the insurance company for the car that struck her in the rear had originally offered to settle her personal injury case.

After the Firm’s client had been rear-ended while waiting at a stop light in Queens, NY, the insurance company of the the car that hit her contacted her and made a wildly low-ball settlement offer to get her to “go away.” Thereafter, the client retained the Law Firm of Michael J. Redenburg, Esq. PC to handle her case. Although the litigation took almost three (3) years to resolve, the client eventually received a settlement that was Twenty-Four (24x) times higher than what the insurance company had originally offered her to resolve the case.

Take away: Insurance companies are heartless, for-profit-businesses and will try to take advantage of you if you do not have a lawyer. Insurance companies know that “money has no feelings,” and they will fight to keep the money you are entitled to in their own coffers. Insurance companies play this game all day, every day, and will try to lure you in with a quick low-ball settlement offer. If you sign their proposed documents to settle quickly, you will likely be giving up your right to a lawsuit.

It is always wise to consult with an experienced car accident lawyer after a Queens auto accident to avoid being taken advantage of by an insurance company.

Michael J. Redenburg has been practicing law for fifteen (15) years. Prior to representing victims of auto accidents, he defended insurance companies and has a unique perspective on how insurance companies think and work.