Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents in NY

Everyone knows that riding a motorcycle can be an extremely dangerous way to travel. But people do it because it’s lots of fun.

There are many things every motorcyclist knows to do in order to stay safe on their bike. The first rule is to always wear protective gear. High quality helmets (don’t skimp on a good helmet, save money elsewhere), wearing protective gloves, jackets, slacks & boots can greatly reduce your risk of being seriously hurt in the unfortunate case of a fall. Just like it is likely that someone in a car will get into an accident at some point, if you ride a motorcycle long enough, you will likely take a spill at some point.

Additionally, a motorcycle safety course is a great way to spend some time and a little bit of money, as well. Courses range from basic beginner classes required to get a license, all the way up to more advanced classes that show cyclists how to ride defensively.

Lane Switching Motorcycle Accidents

In this situation, a car begins to merge over into your lane while they’re right next to you. This happens when you’re riding on a three or four-lane road next to a car that is not paying enough attention or cannot see you. Motorcycles are easily obstructed in the blind spots of a driver’s car.

Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents Caused by Switching Lanes

Many drivers are not on the constant lookout for the motorcyclists they share the road with, although they should be. The fact is that a fender bender between two cars will likely result in less injuries that those faced by a motorcyclist hit by a car at the same speed. Also, try not to pass vehicles, especially large trucks with blind spots on the right side.

Obviously, you can’t always know for certain if you are in another’s blind spot or if the other driver sees you, so look for signs that another driver is looking to change lanes:

turn signals, turning wheels of the other car, you can see another auto operator checking their mirrors, the driver turns their head to look for others, etc.

Splitting Lanes While on a Motorcycle

Lane splitting occurs when a motorcycle goes between two lanes of traffic, whether stopped or not, either being a speed-demon or when there is heavy traffic. Other drivers don’t anticipate a motorcyclist coming past them between lanes, so this increases the likelihood of a bad accident. So don’t do it.

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