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Causes of Intersection Crashes

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One of the deadliest types of car accidents are intersection crashes, also known as a T-bone accident. There are multiple factors that contribute to the severity of such crashes, including the speed and impact angle at which intersection accidents typically take place.

Determining the cause of an intersection accident is often an essential part of proving liability after a Manhattan car accident. Factors such as whether there was a traffic camera at the intersection and whether the vehicles involved were equipped with special “black boxes” can help your car accident attorney determine the cause of an intersection crash so you can get the compensation you deserve.

Most Common Causes of Intersection Crashes

Think about any time you have been stopped at an intersection and witnessed the impatient motorist trying to “make” the light. Typically, this is considered aggressive driving, and it is estimated that nearly two-thirds of all traffic fatalities are caused by aggressive driving.

The following are reported to be the common aggressive driver maneuvers witnessed by United States drivers, and they often play a role in T-bone accidents at intersections:

  • Following too closely;
  • Improper or erratic lane changing;
  • Prohibited and dangerous passing and merging;
  • Sudden and erratic speed changes;
  • Failure to yield the right of way;
  • Failure to obey traffic control devices and signs;
  • Driving too fast and/or racing; and
  • Making improper turns.

Speeding Is a Top Cause of Intersection Car Accidents

Speeding is the leading cause of fatalities related to aggressive driving crashes. This is because the higher the speed of the aggressive vehicle in relation to your vehicle, the greater the transfer of force from the speeding vehicle to your vehicle, and the greater the transfer of force, the greater the chance you will sustain severe full-body impact injuries as your muscles and tendons absorb the impact of the crash.

This is one of the main reasons why intersection accidents are so dangerous, because often a driver will be accelerating in order to avoid a red light, and he will either enter the intersection at an accelerated rate of speed or attempt to slam on the brakes, causing an accident behind him. In New York, aggressive careless driving is when a driver is committing two or more of the following acts simultaneously:

  • Exceeding the speed limit
  • Improper or unsafe lane changes
  • Following too closely
  • Failure to yield
  • Improper passing
  • Violating traffic control devices and signs

When it comes to intersection accidents, aggressive careless driving is often the cause. For example, violating a stop light by running through the yellow while exceeding the speed limit is considered aggressive, careless driving in New York and an experienced Manhattan personal injury attorney may be able to argue that the other driver was negligent per se, that is for violating the law.

Using Evidence to Determine Causation

One of the best ways to determine the cause of an intersection accident is with clear evidence that does not require forensic evaluation. After a New York car crash, experienced Manhattan Personal Injury Lawyers will immediately look for and obtain the following evidence, if available:

  • Police report
  • Video from local businesses
  • Cell phone videos and photos of the scene
  • Witness statements
  • Vehicle maintenance records
  • Cell phone and social media records
  • Vehicle black-box records
  • BAC and drug tests

Although not all this evidence is always available, a video of the accident from a local convenience store or dash camera may immediately reveal the cause of the accident. Because eyewitness accounts of the accident are often unreliable, it is best to match an eyewitness account with documentary evidence of the scene in order to determine the cause.

For these reasons, it is also important to take photographs and videos of the scene of the accident and the damage to the vehicles before there is any disruption. Provided you are in a safe location, be sure to take a picture of the exact position of the vehicles after the accident, any debris left on the road as a result of the accident, tread marks left by either car, traffic signals, or traffic control devices nearby, and any markings left on your vehicle as the result of the accident, such as paint from the other car.

Why Hire Michael J. Redenburg, Esq. PC for Your Car Accident Claim?

After a car accident your priority should be recovering from your injuries, not worrying about insurance companies and your auto injury claim. Most car accident victims want to maximize the amount of compensation they can receive for their pain and suffering. While it is possible to represent yourself in a civil case, hiring an expert car accident injury lawyer significantly increases your chances of winning your case as well as receiving the compensation you deserve. The auto accident attorney at Michael J. Redenburg, Esq. PC is committed to helping your case in the following ways:

  • Investigate the cause of your accident
  • Contact any potential witnesses to the accident
  • Consult with experts
  • Communicate with the insurance companies on your behalf and negotiate a fair settlement amount
  • Represent you in court at trial if an appropriate settlement amount cannot be reached

Contact an NYC Personal Injury and Car Accident Attorney Today

It is not always easy to determine the cause of an accident, especially an intersection accident when there are two supposed sides to the story. However, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries even if the cause of the accident is not clear.

If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, contact the NYC Accident Lawyer at Michael J. Redenburg, Esq. PC and get the wheels of justice spinning for you. Call 212-240-9465 now!

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