How Can Pedestrians Avoid Accidents?

When a truck hits a pedestrian, the person walking or jogging may suffer devastating or even fatal injuries. Almost everyone eventually has to be on foot on a sidewalk, near a roadway, or crossing a street. While many people stroll along with no apparent sense of danger, many pedestrians lose their lives or become permanently disabled because of an accident involving a scooter or electric bike on the sidewalk, an automobile or truck.

Here are some pointers on how pedestrians can avoid accidents. Even if you follow these suggestions, however, it is still possible to get injured due to someone else’s negligence. In that unfortunate situation, Manhattan Pedestrian Accident Lawyer can help you hold the careless party liable for your money damages.

Why Prevention Is Your Best Option

We do not need to tell you how badly a person can get hurt when hit by a truck. Pedestrian accidents with trucks have high rates of fatality. Trucks are big and heavy, creating quite the impact when they collide with an unprotected human body.

Pedestrians can stay safe and prevent becoming victims in accidents by following the below guidance:

  • Use the sidewalk if it’s available. You can reduce the chance of getting hit if you use the surface intended for walkers, which is the sidewalk. A truck is highly unlikely to run up onto the sidewalk.
  • When there is no sidewalk, stay as close to the edge of the road or shoulder as possible. Walk facing traffic. While it might be frightening to face oncoming vehicles, you stand a better chance of jumping out of the way of another motorist if you can see them approaching.
  • Do not jaywalk. When there is a crosswalk, use it. If there is no crosswalk, cross at an intersection. You might think that it is more dangerous to cross at an intersection because of cars traveling in various directions, but drivers tend to keep a better lookout for pedestrians crossing at intersections than in the middle of the road.
  • When there is no crosswalk, make sure that you do not try to cross the street if you do not have a clear view in both directions. It is better to walk a little further down the block to a spot where you can see approaching cars.
  • Expect drivers to appear suddenly and without warning when you try to cross a street, whether you use a crosswalk or not. Look both ways two times before stepping into the street. Try to make eye contact with the drivers. Assume that they do not see you if they do not make eye contact with you.
  • When you have to walk at night, use a flashlight and wear light-colored, bright, or reflective clothing.
  • Be particularly watchful when walking near parking lots, alleys, and driveways. People sometimes enter, exit, or back up in these situations without thinking about pedestrians.
  • Do not walk near motor vehicles, even on the sidewalk, if you have been drinking or using drugs.
  • Stay off of your cell phone and remove earbuds. You need to have all of your senses available to protect you from danger.

If you are injured in a pedestrian accident, an NYC Pedestrian Accident Attorney could help you pursue money damages for your losses. Also, if your close relative died from a pedestrian accident, we might be able to pursue additional compensation on behalf of the legal beneficiaries. Contact our office today!