How to File an Insurance Claim After a Car Accident

After an accident, the last thing that you may want to deal with is an insurance company and who could blame you? Being in an accident is an overwhelming experience. You may also have sustained injuries putting you in immediate pain and discomfort. Unfortunately, however, dealing with insurance following an accident is almost inevitable and it is for these types of situations that you have insurance coverage in the first place. Here, we will go over some of the basics of filing an insurance claim with your insurance carrier after an accident.

How to File an Insurance Claim After a Car Accident

After a car accident, there are a few things you should prioritize. First and foremost is your health. Get checked out for any injuries you may have sustained. Some accident injuries can be sneaky, especially considering the adrenaline that may be pulsing through your body, and not fully present symptoms until days later. Be sure to get checked out by a medical professional and comply with doctor recommendations for follow-up care.

You should also prioritize notifying your insurance company of the accident. You have a contractual obligation to do so, which is one reason to make it a priority. Furthermore, contacting your insurance company as soon as possible can help you be more aware of the details regarding your insurance coverage. For instance, if you call your insurance company from the accident scene, you can get information regarding coverage for a tow truck, if needed. You can also find out whether a rental car will be covered.

Should you have coverage for property damage, notifying your insurance company will also be the first step in making a property damage claim. The same is true if you have coverage for medical expenses. Once you contact your insurance company to notify them of the accident, a claim will be opened and you will be assigned a claims representative. Your claims representative will most likely be requesting more information, including the accident report from the crash. If making a property damage claim, you will need to submit property damage estimates for payment. If making a claim for medical coverage, you will need to submit things such as your medical records and associated bills.

In many instances, however, your insurance company may actually make it difficult for you to receive payment on claims you have made. You must be careful what you share with them and what you say to them as they will likely use it against you if given the opportunity. This is because insurance companies are looking to save money whenever possible. Keep your answers to any insurance company questions simple and honest. Avoid any speculation. Get trusted legal counsel by your side as soon as possible.

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