Insurance Companies & Dealing with Them

Don’t Be Intimidated by Insurance Adjusters

Insurance companies are for-profit, often times publicly-traded entities that are all too eager and happy to collect policy premiums that they hound customers for if a second late, but when it comes time to defend an insured or pay out a claim, don’t bother them. Their adjusters are well-versed in preying on claimants, who are also their customers, and often offer an immediate low-ball offer to get their own insured to go away before they retain competent counsel. Don’t be tricked.

If you’re recovering from a car crash, truck accident, motorcycle crash or bicycle accident or hit by a car while walking, you are very likely exhausted, physically and mentally. You are probably in pain and possibly in a cast or sling due to broken bones. You may have even suffered a traumatic brain injury and experiencing trouble concentrating.

Regardless of the injuries you have sustained, dealing with insurance documents and hard nose insurance adjusters is the last thing you want to be doing. But without an experienced New York personal injury attorney representing you, you can level the playing field. You will have someone to handle all of it – answering insurance adjusters’ questions, filling out insurance claim paperwork and getting all the medical records required to properly prepare your claim.

An Initial Low-Ball Offer Is Standard-We Push Them to Increase Compensation

Insurance companies make their money by paying out as little as possible on each accident claim that’s filed. They pressure accident victims into agreeing to a “low-ball” settlement, saying you should just get all the formalities over with so you can pay your doctor bills and focus on healing. Yes, they know how to spin a narrative which make it sound like they have your best interests in mind – but they don’t. They are looking to keep their purse strings as tight as possible and pay out as little as possible.

What they don’t tell you is that they have a deep bench of skilled lawyers pushing them to offer unfair settlements to accident victims, even before it’s known what medical treatment or physical therapy is going to be needed. They also don’t tell you that there is a much higher number-because there always is-that they’re willing to offer in order to avoid having to defend a lawsuit.

With Michael J. Redenburg, Esq. PC on your side, you’re a step closer to maximum compensation. Our opponents know we prepare watertight cases and have years of successful settlements and verdicts behind us. Insurance companies are not on your side-we are. We know how to fight for settlements our clients deserve. Call today 212-240-9465 and schedule your free, no-obligation in-office consultation to get the wheels of justice spinning for you today!

Before Speaking with an Insurance Adjuster, Get a Fearless Personal Injury Lawyer on Your Side

With a tough, experienced New York City accident attorney in your corner, you’ll have a far better chance of recovering a large enough settlement to cover your hospital expenses, doctor visits, physical therapy, a rental car, car repairs or a new car if yours was totaled. If your loved one was killed in an accident, you may be entitled to compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit. You will need money so you and your family can recover financially, particularly if you are a dependent of a relative who died in a crash.

Don’t wait. Call today 212-240-9465 and schedule your free, no-obligation in-office consultation to get the wheels of justice spinning for you today! We serve communities in New York, including Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens County, Kings County, Westchester County, Suffolk County and Nassau County.