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New York City can be a very cold place in the wintertime. Snowstorms can shut down roads, schools, houses of worship, restaurants and businesses generally. This type of inclement winter weather can make going outside in the winter dangerous, whether you’re out shopping, going to the doctor, or otherwise strolling on pedestrian walkways, navigating parking lots or just about anywhere else. Though the accumulation of ice is caused by mother-nature, commercial property owners not only have the duty to remove ice and snow that may have accumulated on their property, but the property owner also has a duty to inspect her property to make sure that ice has not accumulated. If the property owner does not remove and/or salt iced over surfaces, or doesn’t inspect their property to determine if ice is there, and a result of this failure is someone being injured, the property owner may be held liable.


This is an area that the Law Firm of Michael J. Redenburg, Esq. PC has particular knowledge and experience in. The firm recently resolved a case on behalf of a client who slipped and fell in an area where snow had been thrown up onto a higher ground; when the temperatures rose that snow melted and then that “thawing” resulted in a re-freeze and accumulation of ice. That area was never resalted and the firm’s client slipped and fell, rupturing his quadricep. The Law Firm retained a meteorological expert to obtain certified weather reports, which indicated the rise in temperature and then the dip in temperature that caused the taw-refreeze that caused the client’s fall an injury. A six-figure settlement was obtained to the client’s satisfaction at a Mediation.

If you slipped and fell due to ice and snow in NYC, and a business owner should have protected you against unreasonably dangerous conditions like ice on their property, you may be entitled to money damages. Finding an experienced New York Personal Injury Lawyer is top-priority when you are considering bringing a lawsuit against those responsible for your injuries.

We have handled these slip and fall on ice cases before! We know the experts to retain and what has to be proven for a successful outcome in your case. We have tried cases to verdict in State and Federal Courts throughout the five boroughs.

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