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While shopping at home, via Amazon or online is popular and convenient, the reality is that a lot of people shop at a brick and mortar store on a regular basis, especially for food and other household goods. Because of this, the most common stores frequented by the public are often times supermarkets, grocery stores, big box retail stores like Target, Home Depot, Lowes or Dollar General, and other stores that sell everyday items. Regardless of the specific location, supermarkets and similar big-box retailers are required to regularly monitor the floors of their stores for possible spills and other slip and fall hazards, inspect displays, and perform all the necessary and reasonable duties to make sure their stores are safe. Failure to do so can lead to serious accidents and injuries for patrons and even their workers. If the supermarket doesn’t ensure that their premises are safe, and an individual is injured as a result, the supermarket or big-box store may be responsible for the injuries caused.

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Supermarket Hazards That Lead to Accidents in New York

Supermarkets and big-box retailers, like all commercial establishments, have a duty to make sure that their stores are safe and free from dangerous conditions. Some of the hazards that often cause accidents are-

  • Slippery or wet floors
  • Objects that fall from above
  • Dangerous flooring due to lack of repair, lifted tiles, uneven carpeting or rugs
  • Failure to address a spill or mess, such as a broken glass or damaged items in the isle
  • Snow and ice accumulation that wasn’t plowed or shoveled
  • Improper signage
  • Leaking refrigerators or freezers
  • Plumbing issues that are not addressed

A common dangerous condition at a store is a wet or slippery floor. A supermarket or big retailer not only has a duty to clean up spills or dry a wet floor which becomes wet for a different reason; but the retailer also has an obligation to inspect its premises for wet conditions. Obviously if the supermarket determines that a slippery floor exists, the store must take steps to make sure the floor is immediately dried.

In addition, shoppers can be injured by objects falling from the shelves or the equipment used for stocking merchandise. In every store, retail space is at a premium and therefore, the products and merchandise are stacked from floor to ceiling. This is especially true in supermarkets and grocery stores, which offer a lot of selection. In these types of stores, there is shelving that runs the length of the stores and stacks of objects are piled as high as they can. When an item is not properly secured or falls off a shelf or display, the object may fall on an unsuspecting shopper causing serious injuries. For example, if the object is not carefully placed on the shelves by a worker there, it may fall and cause injuries to patrons. In other cases, the original worker who stocked the shelves may have failed to safely place them or put the items too closely together.

Another dangerous condition which may occur at a retailer is a dangerous display. A dangerous display can be a display that is set up to display items, however, something in the display makes the display itself, unsafe. The display can be unsafe because it creates a hazard or creates a risk that a person’s hand or foot may be caught in the assembled display.

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