NYC Auto Accidents Increase During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Although the coronavirus pandemic has significantly reduced the number of cars on the roadways and streets of New York City as people are encouraged to stay at home, NYC auto accidents are increasing.

Compiled reports during the nationwide lockdown indicate that there has been a significant increase in car accidents throughout the City. This makes the services of NYC car accident lawyers even more important. You should also be aware of the necessary precautions you should employ if you’re involved in a vehicular accident during the lockdown.

Even though you may be afraid to go to a hospital given the pandemic, you should still seek immediate medical attention if you are injured in an auto wreck throughout the New York City area and its surrounding suburbs.

You may wonder why auto accidents are increasing when there are fewer people out driving. One explanation is that the open streets appear more inviting for irresponsible drivers to speed in excess of the posted speed limits. The reduced number of vehicles makes the roads more tempting to reckless drivers looking for an excuse to break the speed limit. The pandemic, along with the riots that hit NYC took police resources from enforcing speed limits and put those limited police resources elsewhere.

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