Possible Treatments for Slip and Fall Hip Injuries

Slip and falls can happen for any number of reasons. There may have been spilled liquid leaving the floor slippery. There may have been uneven flooring or flooring in disrepair that led to a trip and fall. Regardless of the dangerous condition leading to the fall, hip injuries are common in slip and fall accidents. While they are more common in older adults, anyone can injure their hip in this type of accident. Should a person land on their hip, the force of impact can have devastating consequences. If you have sustained a hip injury in a slip and fall accident, you are likely trying to deal with a great deal of pain, which may be so severe as to cause mobility issues. While the nature and severity of your hip injury will largely dictate your treatment path, here we want to go over some possible treatments you may undergo if you have sustained a hip injury in a slip and fall.

Possible Treatments for Slip and Fall Hip Injuries

In the event of a slip and fall, the hip could sustain a range of injuries. Some of the more common slip and fall hip injuries include:

  • Bruising
  • Partial fracture
  • Total fracture
  • Tearing of the soft tissue surrounding the hip
  • Bursitis

While some injuries, such as minor bruising of the hip area, will likely effectively resolve themselves after the accident, other hip injuries can have devastating consequences for a person if left untreated. Complications can arise due to an untreated or improperly treated hip injury so be sure to get the medical care you need.

Even minor hip injuries may benefit from a concerted effort to care for them and address some uncomfortable symptoms you may be experiencing. For instance, even for a strain of the soft tissue surrounding the hip or bruising in the area, your doctor may recommend taking anti-inflammatories as well as getting plenty of rest. You may also benefit from icing the area to help address any discomfort as well as accelerate the healing process.

Should you dislocate your hip in a slip and fall accident, your doctor may need to manually realign the head of your femur back into its rightful position. While this will address the dislocation itself, you will likely be in a significant amount of pain afterward. To aid in the healing process, it may be recommended that you get around with the assistance with crutches. Furthermore, you may benefit from physical therapy in order to help strengthen the muscles surrounding the hip area.

If you have fractured your hip in a slip and fall accident, you will likely need to undergo surgery. In some cases, your doctor may recommend replacing the impacted hip bones if they are damaged severely enough. In other cases, your doctor may recommend inserting metal screws into the hip bone to hold the fractured area in place while it heals. After either of these kinds of surgery, you will likely be recommended for undergoing physical therapy to work on your range of motion and strength. You may also be prescribed medication to prevent osteoporosis as a person who fractures the hip is at an increased risk of hip fracture within two years of the original injury.

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