Rear End Car Accidents in NYC

Rear-end crashes are not rare. Generally speaking, the injuries and property damage in rear-end accidents are not as significant as in other types of car accidents. Why?

The spacing between the impact and the occupants, and the fact that so many rear-end accidents occur at relatively low speeds. Most of the $5 billion insurance companies pay out every year, in rear-end accident settlement and verdicts, involve property damage claims.

But that is misleading, too. Our rear end truck accident lawyers in New York have seen severe injury as the result of rear-end accidents. Especially when trucks are involved, or our client was on a motorcycle or when the speed of the rear-ending vehicle is extremely high. So there is no question the involvement of trucks is a real variable in the scope of injuries and, ultimately, the settlement value of the case.

What Causes Rear-end Collisions?

Driver inattention accounts for the largest of rear-end crash causal factors. A frequent cause of rear-end accidents occurs is a form of driver inattention known as “look but did not see” occurs during periods of pre-occupation when drivers are looking at the hazard in front of them but are lost in their thoughts and are oblivious to the vehicle in front of them in plain sight. And despite scanning the environment, too many drivers experience stretches of time when little to no information is being processed from the forward roadway.

Finally, too many drivers simply follow the lead vehicle too closely and do not have the reaction time to break to avoid a crash.

Why Do Rear-End Accident Injuries Linger?

During a rear-end crash, the seat back cushion moves into the torso of a vehicle’s occupants as the vehicle surges forward. Occupant motion research indicates that rear-end impact change in velocity levels over even three miles per hour for unsuspecting motorists has sufficient forces to cause an occupant’s head to rotate rearward enough to hit an upright headrest. This impact causes a jolt that leads to soft tissue injuries, usually in the neck but also in the back, involving joint capsules, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. These types of injuries by their inherent nature can take a long time to heal.


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