Slip and Fall Shoulder Injury? Get the Medical Care You Need

When you slip or trip and fall, your reaction may be to immediately reach down to try and reduce the force of impact on your body. It is only natural to respond this way. As your body quickly moves in the air downwards, bracing for impact is a way many people automatically respond to the situation. While bracing for impact may, in fact, reduce the force of the blow to other areas of your body, it can mean that your arm and shoulder area carry the majority of the force of impact. Alternatively, you may even strike your shoulder on the floor or another surface due to the slip and fall. Regardless of what caused the fall, your shoulder stands to sustain serious and even permanent injury as a result. Here, we will discuss possible slip and fall shoulder injuries in more detail as well as highlight the importance of getting the medical care you need.

Slip and Fall Shoulder Injury? Get the Medical Care You Need

If you have been involved in a slip and fall, your shoulder may have been injured as a result. Common slip and fall shoulder injuries include:

  • Torn rotator cuff
  • Fracture to the collarbone, shoulder blade, or upper arm
  • Dislocation
  • Muscle sprain or strain

The rotator cuff is the bundle of muscles that works together to help your shoulder mobilize and be able to lift and move your arm. Depending on the severity of the tear, you may need to undergo surgery for your injury. Regardless, you are likely going to need to rest and possibly go through physical therapy at some point. The same is also true should you sustain a fracture to the bones involved in shoulder movement and mobility as well as if you have dislocated your shoulder. All of these injuries may necessitate shoulder surgery to effectively resolve and heal. Physical therapy is also likely to play a prominent role in the recovery process.

In addition to possible surgery and physical therapy, you may be recommended for use of a sling to stabilize the area as your shoulder heals. Massage therapy and other palliative treatment measures may also be recommended as tension in your muscles can develop as the result of your injury and the healing process.

Getting immediate medical attention after a slip and fall can be critical to helping ensure your injuries are properly identified and treated. It is also important to comply with doctor recommendations for follow-up care and treatment. Consistent medical care can be essential to your health. It can also be essential to the strength of any personal injury claim you wish to pursue in order to receive compensation for the harm you have suffered as a result of the slip and fall. Without treatment, there will be little to no medical evidence of your injury. Without such evidence, the value and strength of a claim is jeopardized.

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