The Dangers of E-Bikes in Downtown NYC

E-bikes are tremendously popular here in New York City, and it is easy to see why. They are speedy, fun, and much more cost-efficient than automobiles.

But from a Downtown Manhattan attorney’s perspective, e-bikes are very dangerous. E-bicycles can reach speeds up to, and sometimes even exceeding thirty (30) miles per hour. They also have a tendency to travel on busy City streets, not always being seen by motorists or even pedestrians. Add to this the fact that e-bikes don’t always make as much noise as motorcycles to notify others of their presence and unfortunately, this is sometimes a recipe for disaster.

Studies have found that e-bikes come with a distinct pattern of severe injuries not found in other types of bike and scooter accidents.

  • E-cyclists are more likely to be hospitalized due to their injuries than other riders.
  • Compared to scooter users and traditional cyclists, e-cyclists were shown to have been three times more likely to hit a pedestrian.
  • In accidents, e-bikers suffer internal injuries at a higher rate than traditional bicyclists and scooter riders.

E-bikes deliver a level of power that is unexpected for inexperienced riders. People who are used to pedaling traditional bicycles may be shocked by the burst of speed and power packed-into an e-bike.

Some safety experts have posited that e-bikes come into closer contact with pedestrians because people may ride e-bikes on sidewalks — unlike scooters, for example, which are often ridden on the street.

Plus, motorists don’t always give bicyclists the respect they deserve. Drivers sometimes act like they own the roads, putting e-cyclists’ safety at risk.

All bikes, including e-bikes, must be properly sized so that riders can stop and support the bike with one foot on the ground. Sizing is important because riders should come to complete stops at many points during the ride, such as at traffic lights.

Were You in an E-bike Accident? Take Action!

If you’re injured in an e-bike crash, it’s worth talking to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. New York has many laws that protect e-cyclists, and you’re legally entitled to seek compensation from someone who hurts you if you were not at fault for the accident, and you may be able to recover money damages even if you were partially at fault for the accident.

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