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Michael Redenburg

The Role of Comparative Fault in Motor Vehicle Accident Cases

Justia Elevate Team

Motor vehicle accidents can be complex events, with multiple parties potentially sharing responsibility for the collision. In such cases, the concept of comparative fault becomes crucial in determining liability and the allocation of damages. In this blog post, we will explore the role of comparative fault in motor vehicle accident cases, highlighting the importance of understanding this legal principle. We will also introduce Michael J. Redenburg, a renowned attorney known for his expertise in handling motor vehicle accident cases.

  1. Understanding Comparative Fault in Motor Vehicle Accidents
  2. Definition and Application of Comparative Fault

– Explain the concept of comparative fault, which allows for the allocation of fault among multiple parties involved in a motor vehicle accident.

– Discuss how comparative fault is applied in different jurisdictions, including the different approaches such as pure comparative fault and modified comparative fault.

  1. Determining Degrees of Fault

– Explore the process of determining the degrees of fault assigned to each party involved in a motor vehicle accident.

– Discuss the factors considered when assessing the contribution of each party to the accident, such as speeding, distracted driving, failure to obey traffic laws, and more.

– Highlight the role of evidence, including witness testimonies, police reports, accident reconstructions, and expert opinions in determining degrees of fault.

  1. Implications of Comparative Fault in Motor Vehicle Accident Cases
  2. Impact on Liability and Damages

– Discuss how comparative fault affects the determination of liability and the allocation of damages in motor vehicle accident cases.

– Explain the potential reduction in damages based on the percentage of fault assigned to the injured party.

– Highlight the importance of skilled legal representation in effectively advocating for a fair allocation of fault and maximizing the client’s recovery.

  1. Defenses and Strategies in Comparative Fault Cases

– Explore the defense strategies utilized by defendants in motor vehicle accident cases involving comparative fault, such as arguing for a higher percentage of fault attributed to the plaintiff.

– Discuss the role of an experienced attorney in building a strong case to counter comparative fault arguments, presenting evidence, and utilizing expert witnesses to support the client’s position.

  1. Experience in Motor Vehicle Accident Cases

– Introduce Michael J. Redenburg as a highly experienced attorney specializing in motor vehicle accident cases.

– Highlight his track record of success in handling complex cases involving comparative fault and his commitment to achieving favorable outcomes for his clients.

  1. Comprehensive Understanding of Comparative Fault Laws

– Showcase Michael J. Redenburg’s comprehensive knowledge of comparative fault laws and his ability to navigate the legal complexities of these cases.

– Discuss his ability to effectively argue for a fair allocation of fault and damages on behalf of his clients.

  1. Dedicated Client Service and Advocacy

– Emphasize Michael J. Redenburg’s commitment to providing personalized attention, support, and guidance to clients throughout the legal process.

– Highlight his dedication to thorough case preparation, meticulous investigation, and strategic representation to protect his clients’ rights and interests.


Understanding the concept of comparative fault is crucial in motor vehicle accident cases as it affects the determination of liability and damages. Michael J. Redenburg’s expertise in handling cases involving comparative fault makes him a valuable asset for those seeking legal representation. By working with a skilled attorney like Michael J. Redenburg, individuals can navigate the complexities of comparative fault, protect their rights, and seek fair compensation for their injuries and losses.

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I had a very positive experience working with Mr. Redenburg. He handled my personal injury case which was successfully settled over the course of two years. He was extremely diligent, knowledgeable and...

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Michael Redenburg took over my [car accident] case when my past attorney retired from my case. My past attorney was the one who recommended him to me I can say it was the best choice he ever made. He is very...

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Michael Redenburg is great at what he does. He helped me though the case after my accident helped me with everything. I didn't have to speak with the insurance company about anything he handled and in the end...

- Tamika

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