Top 5 Personal Injury Frequently Asked Questions in NYC

An act or omission that causes harm to another person and qualifies as a civil wrong for which courts place responsibility falls under the purview of personal injury law, which is sometimes referred to as tort law.

It covers situations where a person suffers harm or injury due to another’s carelessness. One of the most prevalent categories of personal injury litigation involves auto accidents. Medical Error, Workplace Accidents, Premises Liability/Slip & Fall, Animal Bites, Assaults, and many more.

Below are some of the notable questions about personal injury in NYC.

1. Is Now the Best Time to Employ Legal Counsel?

Yes. There are two good reasons to retain legal counsel right now. First, witnesses forget or leave, films and 911 recordings are deleted, and hazardous conditions are corrected before being photographed. Second, there are critical dates when you must submit specific written documents; otherwise, you risk losing your ability to launch a lawsuit or losing access to certain benefits.

2. When Will My Lawsuit Be Resolved?

Resolution can take weeks or even years. It relies on various elements such as the quantity and caliber of the evidence (for instance, is there a video of the incident?), the severity of the injuries, the number of parties involved, whether any parties want to appeal, and any court-imposed deadlines.

3. How Should I Respond To A Personal Injury Accident?

  • Take pictures of your wounds.
  • Adhere to the recommendations of a doctor and show up for all scheduled follow-up appointments.
  • Jot down a description of what happened while the events are still fresh in your mind
  • List the witnesses and their contact details if you have them.
  • Observe any further recommendations given by your lawyer.

4. What Will Happen If I Contribute to The Accident In Some Way?

You can contribute to your injury. You may be awarded a proportionate share of what you would have otherwise been awarded, provided that you are not more at fault than the defendant.

5. What Is A Statute Of Limitations?

A statute of limitations is a deadline by which you must file a lawsuit, and this refers to the legal need for how long you have to submit your personal injury case.

Finally, accidents happen due to people’s carelessness and negligence daily in New York. It is, therefore, crucial to be aware of one’s rights and the legal process to file a personal injury lawsuit to collect compensation.