Who Is Responsible for My Injuries in a Limo Accident?

Hiring the service of a limousine company is very common in New York City. In a state known for its extravagance and special occasions NYC residents and tourists alike tend to indulge in luxury and carefree travel by limousine. But what happens when your limo ride to the prom, wedding or special event ends in the tragedy of an NYC limousine wreck? What do you do and who is responsible for your injuries in a limo crash?

The first course of action that any limousine crash victim should take after a crash is to seek medical immediate attention and thereafter, contact an NYC personal injury lawyer. While you focus on healing and recovering from your injuries, your NYC limousine car accident attorney will investigate the accident, determine negligence and recover the maximum compensation you deserve.

Who Is Liable for My Manhattan Limo Accident?

All of the limousine companies are regulated by the Manhattan Taxi & Limousine Commission and follow taxi accident law closely. Determining liability after a limousine crash is a job best left to seasoned Manhattan limo accident attorneys. It is not uncommon for there to be several contributing factors and negligent parties in accidents involving these limos. And as part of the investigation, your limousine accident attorney will assume a tiered approach to scrutinize all parties potentially liable for the accident.

Limousine Driver

The limousine driver has a duty of care to you as the passenger. The duty of care is to reasonably protect your safety by not engaging in any negligent behavior that could contribute to your harm. Was the limousine driver drunk, tired or under the influence of drugs? We will find out!

Limousine Company

The limousine company has a duty of care that extends to its drivers and its customers. The limo company must appropriately safeguard its customers and drivers by ensuring proper maintenance of its fleet of limousines, including properly functioning seat belts, tires that are in good condition and be cognizant of safety recalls.

Limousine Service Provider

Service providers and maintenance technicians may be held liable or found negligent for improper maintenance of the limousines. If negligent maintenance is a contributing factor to a limousine accident, the service provider may be held liable for damages.

Limousine Car Manufacturer

Any defective limousine in operation on the roadway exposes the limo manufacturer to liability. Manufacturer safety defects are a leading cause of limousine wrecks.

Drivers and Owners of Other Vehicles and Road Maintenance Departments

Sometimes, no matter how careful the limo operator is, accidents happen due to someone else’s negligence, or preventable roadway hazards. Tracing the negligence of another driver, owner of an underserviced vehicle, or those responsible for improper road maintenance is part of a comprehensive limousine accident investigation.

Our NYC limousine accident lawyers have the required experience litigating limousine car accident cases to prosecute your case. Contact our office today!