Winter Weather Advisory for February 27, 2023

Winter weather forecast predictions shifted slightly late into the weekend of February 26, 2023, now showing greater potential for more snow in the metro and surrounding area than expected last week. At this point, New York City and Long Island, which are under a winter weather advisory, could see 3 to 5 inches of snow, though sleet and rain will likely mix in at times, creating treacherous conditions whihc could lead to slip and fall accidents.

All of the news channels are predicting snow for NYC and the surrounding areas. Please stay warm and safe during the upcoming storm, and avoid if possible going outside until there has been a reasonable chance for the sidewalks, stairs and streets to have been cleaned.

Because the weather has been unseasonably warm, if there is a snowstorm and subsequently temperatures rise causing thawing and then dip causing freezing, an NYC slip and fall accident lawyer may be necessary to call if you suffer an injury.

If you know of someone involved in a slip and fall on snow or ice, tell them to take photographs of the condition immediately. Photographs taken with a cell phone can be developed and used as evidence. Property owners are required to maintain their sidewalks, and stair cases in a reasonably safe condition and must shovel them within a reasonable time after the snowfall stops. Failure to reasonably clear snow and ice conditions from stairs or the sidewalk could subject the property owner to damages to a person injured in a slip and fall accident.

Wishing everyone the best health, happiness and prosperity for the upcoming year.

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