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Bayridge is a neighborhood in the southwest corner of Brooklyn, Kings County, NYC. It is bounded by Sunset Park to the north and Dyker Heights to the east, and has the zip codes of 11209 and 11220.

In the past decade, the number of bike lanes in the city has grown exponentially. Although the bicycle lanes are for the exclusive use of bicycles, there will sometimes be pedestrians stepping in to the bike lanes and cars sometimes veer into the bicycle lanes as well. Of course, this can lead to accident that cause serious injuries.

Have you or someone you love been injured in a bicycle accident near Bayridge Brooklyn? Is someone else partly or entirely to blame for the accident? If so, you may be entitled to financial compensation. At Michael J. Redenburg, Esq. PC, we can advocate on your behalf to ensure that you are made whole after someone else was negligent and caused or contributed the crash.

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Why Should I Hire a Bay Ridge Brooklyn Bike Accident Attorney?

Bicyclists have very little to protect them from severe injuries when they are involved in any type of bike accident. A helmet may absorb some of the impact, while knee pads and elbow pads may shield you from some scrapes and bruises, but other than that, the cyclist is fully and badly exposed to injury. You do not want to try and handle a bicycle accident case on your own – but rather, you should retain experienced counsel.

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Retaining experienced counsel will allow you to focus on treatment and getting better, while allowing a seasoned bicycle accident lawyer to handle your case.

The below are some of the reasons why you should call Michael J. Redenburg, Esq. PC for help after your Brooklyn bicycle accident:

  • It is very unlikely that you will be able to negotiate well with the insurance companies in light of the fact that they do this all day, every day.
  • Insurers may try to manipulate you and even try to get you to admit, in a recorded statement, that the accident was your fault, and you are to blame.
  • Without anything to use as a guide, you are not in a good position to determine what a fair value is for your claim.

Some Common Causes of Brooklyn Bicycle Accidents

Some of the more commonly reported causes of bicycle accidents near Bay Ridge Brooklyn include:

Negligence. Many bike accidents occur because drivers do not use the requisite skill and care when they are operating their vehicles. This puts bicyclists as well as pedestrians at serious risk of harm. Some types of driver negligence that can lead to a bike accident include:

  • Excessive rate of speed given all of the circumstances, such as weather conditions, traffic conditions and lighting;
  • Not yielding the right of way to cyclists
  • Not sharing the road with bicyclists
  • Failing to look for bicyclists before making a turn
  • Failing to signal when changing lanes
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Other Bicyclists. Drivers of vehicles on the road are not always at fault for bicycle accidents. A cyclists behavior can also cause a serious accident. Some of the more common bicyclist-related causes of accidents around Bayridge Brooklyn include:

  • Failing to use bicycle lanes, when available
  • Riding when it is dark out and without proper reflectors and lights
  • Riding between lanes of traffic
  • Failing to follow State traffic laws
  • Crossing an intersection against a red light
  • Failing to yield the right of way to pedestrians and vehicles
  • Distracted riding, and
  • Biking while under the influence.

Poor Road Conditions. The state and city have a responsibility to make sure its roads and bike lanes are safe. If the government knows (or should know) that its roads are unsafe, it has an obligation to warn bicyclists and fix the problem. When roads are in disrepair or in a dangerous condition, accidents can happen. Uneven pavement, cracks in the road, debris, or obstructed signage can pose a threat to riders. The government agency in charge of the roads may be liable for resulting injuries.

Bicycle Accident Injuries

As a bicyclist, you have very little to protect you from severe or fatal injuries when you’re in an accident. Commonly reported injuries following Brooklyn bicycle accidents include:

  • Fractures
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Brain injuries or TBI
  • Neck injury
  • Spinal cord injuries

If you have been injured in a Bay Ridge Brooklyn Bicycle Accident due to someone else’s negligence, contact the BayRidge Brooklyn Bicycle Accident lawyers at Michael J. Redenburg, Esq. PC and get the wheels of justice spinning for you. Call 212-240-9465 now!

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