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If you were injured in a bicycle accident in Bushwick Brooklyn caused by a negligent motorist, you have the right to pursue compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. For more than a decade, the bicycle accident attorneys at Michael J. Redenburg, Esq. PC have helped people like you pursue that right. We look forward to putting our experience and resources to work for you.

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How Common Are Bicycle Accidents in Bushwick, Brooklyn?

With the price of gas soaring, coupled with the advent of e-bikes or electric bicycles, cycling accidents have seen an uptick. Bicycle accidents and cyclist fatalities are on the rise in Brooklyn. When they happen, their victims deserve justice and compensation.

Causes of Bicycle Accidents in Brooklyn

While many factors can lead to a collision between a bike rider and a motorist, driver negligence is the underlying cause of many such crashes. Negligence can take the form of:

  • Distracted driving
  • Fatigued driving
  • Drunk driving or drugged driving
  • Speeding
  • Not using turn signals properly
  • Failing to check blind spots

Cyclists must follow New York bicycle laws and are expected to take safety precautions. However, they are also often forced to share the road with significantly larger motor vehicles, which put them at heightened risk for collisions resulting in bicycle accident injuries or even death.

Types of Bicycle Accidents

While bicycle crashes can occur anywhere people ride bikes, some of the most common types of bicycle accidents include:

  • Controlled intersection collisions – Controlled intersections are those with traffic lights or stop signs. A motorist who runs a stoplight or stop sign puts anyone else at the intersection at risk.
  • Uncontrolled intersection collisions – A driver and cyclist who arrive at an intersection without stoplights or signs at the same time may be confused as to who has the right of way, which can lead to a crash. As with controlled intersections, the vehicle that arrives at an uncontrolled intersection first is allowed to pass first.
  • Right hook accidents – Right hook accidents can happen when a vehicle makes a right turn into a passing cyclist.
  • Left cross accidents – These collisions occur when a motorist turns left while a bicyclist is attempting to cross a roadway.
  • Dooring accidents – Bicyclists are frequently injured because a motorist opened a vehicle door in their path.
  • Rear End Collisions – Some motorists follow cyclists too closely without leaving enough space to stop safely, causing rear-end collisions.
  • Sideswipe Accidents – Sideswipe collisions happen when a driver changes lanes without looking and strikes a cyclist.

Types of Injuries from Bike Accidents

Bicycle accidents frequently result in severe injuries. While motorists have safety features like anti-lock brakes, airbags, and seat belts to protect them from the force of a collision, cyclists are almost always directly impacted and are frequently thrown from their bikes.

Some of the most common injuries suffered by cyclists in bike accidents include:

  • Traumatic Brain injuries
  • Broken and fractured bones
  • Back, neck and other vertebrae injuries requiring surgery
  • Internal bleeding
  • Scrapes, cuts and bruises
  • Burns
  • Road rash
  • Paralysis

When injuries are severe enough, they can result in bicycle accident fatalities.

If you were injured in a bicycle accident, you should seek medical treatment right away. You could have sustained injuries that you are not yet aware of but require immediate care.

Can I Get Compensation for My Brooklyn Bicycle Accident?

If a negligent motor vehicle driver caused an accident that injured you, you can bring a personal injury claim against the negligent driver’s insurance provider. The amount you can recover will depend on the extent of your injuries and losses. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you could obtain financial relief for:

  • Present and future medical expenses resulting from the accident, including hospital bills, rehabilitative care, in-home care, medical equipment, and prescription medications
  • Lost income if you must take time off work to recover from your injuries
  • Reduced future income if you are no longer able to perform the same tasks at work due to a temporary or permanent disability
  • Pain and suffering, including physical pain, emotional distress, mental anguish, post-traumatic stress disorder, loss of quality of life, anxiety, depression, and other non-financial losses
  • Personal property damage, such as damage to your bike
  • Punitive damages in certain rare cases which are meant to punish the at-fault party for exceptional negligence or malicious intent

An experienced Brooklyn bike accident lawyer can help you document your losses, determine the value of your claim, and negotiate for full and fair compensation from the insurance company.

Going up against the insurance company on your own, especially if you are injured, is never a good idea. By hiring an attorney to handle your case, you can improve your chances of securing the compensation you deserve. It is vital to hire an attorney with trial experience and one who won’t be afraid to litigate your case in court if the insurance company refuses to offer a fair amount.

How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit for a Bicycle Accident in Brooklyn?

New York law sets a three-year statute of limitations on personal injury cases, including bicycle accident cases. If settlement talks fail or the insurance company will not accept liability, a personal injury lawsuit may be your best option for seeking compensation. This suit must be filed within 3 years from the date of the accident, or the court will most likely refuse to hear your case. That would prevent you from pursuing much-needed relief through the legal system.

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