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A significant number of people who live in Chelsea, New York count on public transportation to travel throughout New York City. Unfortunately, this dependence can be devastating when there is a bus accident in Chelsea, NY involving significant injuries or even a fatality. Whether you are a passenger injured while riding the MTA bus, another driver involved in a collision, or a pedestrian hit by a bus, you need legal representation.

At Michael J. Redenburg, Esq. PC, our Chelsea bus accident lawyers represent passengers, school children, tourists, pedestrians and drivers injured in bus accidents in Chelsea, New York City. If you become seriously injured, or your loved one is killed in a bus accident, you deserve dedicated, compassionate representation. Call 212-240-9465 Now to speak directly with an attorney.

How Michael J. Redenburg, Esq. PC Can Help

Passengers boarding buses in Chelsea, New York often have a false sense of security, believing that they are less likely to be in an accident when taking public transportation. However, bus accidents do happen and can cause serious injury or death. In the event of an unforeseen NYC bus accident, you need an experienced attorney on your side to fight for you.

Michael J. Redenburg, Esq. PC helps advise injured individuals dealing with a traumatic injury or wrongful death of a loved one killed in a Chelsea bus accident. We manage insurance disputes relating to bus collisions, liability, medical pay, and uninsured motorists in reaching full and fair compensation through a negotiated settlement or by way of a jury verdict.

Why Hire an Attorney After a Chelsea, NY Bus Accident

If you’ve been injured from a tour bus accident, MTA bus accident, or school bus accident, our Chelsea bus accident lawyers will seek maximum compensation for your unpaid medical bills, lost wages, as well as for your pain and suffering. Injuries from bus accidents in Chelsea, New York can be catastrophic, altering your entire life. You should never have to pay for someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing that resulted from a Chelsea Bus Accident.

Following a bus accident, a negligent party or their insurer may contact you, attempting to deny or devalue your claim. You Should Never Sign Anything Before You Speak to an Attorney! Early settlement offers are just thrown out there at you to see if you’ll “bite” and they are rarely indicative of the full value of your case and will usually be far less than you will get by and through counsel.

Chelsea MTA Bus Ridership

During a single weekday, buses in Chelsea, New York carry thousands of people throughout the City. The MTA bus network is vast and large, serving a diverse population. Buses and trains make the most sense for travel throughout NYC because, among other reasons, parking can be difficult and expensive. MTA bus accidents in Chelsea, New York can range in severity from relatively minor to fatal. If you are injured in a bus accident, you need to act fast to protect your right to recovery. As with any motor vehicle accident, it is essential that you seek medical treatment immediately after the incident for any injuries. Keep a record of your medical expenses and continue treatment until advised to stop by a medical professional.

MTA Bus Accidents in Chelsea, NY

According to the most recent data available, the number of riders being thrown around on city buses has been increasing. MTA officials often look to blame the incidents on bus operators having to swerve to avoid cars, bikes, and pedestrians. And bus collisions involving injuries have also increased may bus travel in Chelsea sometimes dangerous.

How Long Does a Chelsea, New York Bus Accident Case Take?

Every case is different and there is no guaranteed timeline to resolve a bus accident case in Chelsea, New York. An investigation often times needs to take place and the conduction of such an investigation can take time. Evidence must be collected and analyzed and court proceedings can drag on for quite some time if a settlement is not reached pre-suit. If a trial is necessary, it can take years. We have had these type of cases that settle in less than a year and others that go on for 5 years or more.

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Michael Redenburg is great at what he does. He helped me though the case after my accident helped me with everything. I didn't have to speak with the insurance company about anything he handled and in the end...

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