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When you think about the hundreds of buses traveling across throughout the City and the number of passengers carried, it is easy to understand why there are so many bus accident and people injured while riding on buses each year.

The size of the bus and the high number of passengers increases the disastrous outcomes when a bus is involved in an accident.

High Number of Passengers and Increased Size

Accidents involving school buses, tour buses, charter buses and public transit buses make the news on a regular basis. The sheer weight and oversize nature of these buses do not make things any better. The large size of the bus can impede the ability to maneuver the vehicle in quick stops, or swerving movements to get out of the way of an oncoming vehicle and is often times a contributing factor in many accidents. If you are hurt while riding a bus in Columbus Circle or throughout the Greater New York City Metropolitan Area, you will need to be prove that fault can be placed on a bus driver, an owner, other drivers, or a bus company manager who was in-charge.

Federal regulations also require other passenger vehicles sharing the roadway with school buses to adhere to certain driving patterns and rules, including:

  1. All traffic from both directions must stop on a two-lane roadway,
  2. All traffic from both directions must stop when school bus stops for passengers on a two-lane roadway with a center turning lane,
  3. All traffic from both directions must stop when a school bus stops for passengers on a four-lane roadway without a median strip,
  4. All traffic from both directions must stop when a school bus stops for passengers on a four-lane highway with a center turning lane,
  5. Only traffic following a bus must stop when on a divided highway of four lanes or more with a median strip,
  6. Decreasing speed when approaching school buses shows safety awareness.

Failure to adhere to these rules could result in points and fines as determined by the severity of the infraction.

Common Causes of Columbus Circle Bus Accidents

  • Bus drivers who are not properly trained;
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
  • Being on the phone or texting while driving;
  • Other drivers on the roadways that are negligent;
  • Bus driver’s visibility is reduced or diminished;
  • Aggressive driving techniques, speeding or dangerous maneuvering of bus;
  • Sudden Braking or Acceleration;
  • Bus maintenance is subpar;
  • Other vehicle operator’s fault amounting to at least negligence.

School bus. School buses are designed to transport a large number of students at once. Because so many people may become injured if a school bus is involved in an accident, the potential cost of the accident is far greater. As a result, increased coverage for liability is needed and governed by state law requirements outlining the dollar amount of liability coverage required for school bus insurance. Beyond the state regulations, there may be specific coverage guidelines outlined by the school district, or by a professional group that organizes the bus drivers and owners.

Parties That May Be Named as Defendants

  • Driver(s) of another vehicle;
  • Governmental entity responsible for the bus;
  • Owner(s) of bus as employer;
  • Operator of the bus;

Damages in These Bus Accidents Can Include:

  • Medical expenses, co-payments and travel expenses;
  • Compensation for lost wages, past, present and future projected;
  • Pain and suffering damages;

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