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Columbus Circle is located in Midtown Manhattan, where 59th Street, Broadway and Eighth Avenue intersect, and serves Central Park, the Upper West Side, Hell’s Kitchen, and Midtown Manhattan. The zip code is 10019.

What Causes Tractor Trailer Accidents?

Every tractor-trailer truck accident has its own set of factors that contributed to the happening of the accident. This is why you must speak to an experienced truck accident attorney after your life-changing accident. Many of the same factors usually appear with respect to the accident that involved a tractor trailer truck.

Trucking companies many times place immense pressure on truckers to meet unreasonable delivery deadlines by driving more hors than are allowed by law. This is called violating “hours of service” limitations. When drivers of semis, tractor-trailers or big-rigs operate over the road for more hours than permitted by law, they often times become tired and fatigued which can lead to devastating accidents.

Understanding the Causes Will Help Build a Strong Case

In a lot of trucking accidents, one of the drivers is at fault. Some of the causes can be:

  • Driver fatigue: Even though there are rules promulgated that limit the amount of time a trucker can drive over the road before being required to get rest. Known as hours of service, these rules are not always followed. This is because large trucking companies are motivated by profits and sometimes instead of following the rules, they break them to maximize profits.
  • Failure to properly train: In an effort to save money, trucking companies may neglect to train their drivers or fail to ensure that they are properly trained before letting them out on the road with big-rigs carrying heavy loads.
  • Improperly secured cargo: If the cargo placed in a tractor’s trailer is not properly secured or distributed, it can shift in the trailer. When this happens, the imbalanced weight distribution can negatively affect the handling of the truck and cause the tractor-trailer to veer off the road or roll over onto its side.
  • Improper maintenance: If the tractor or trailer is not properly maintained, it can cause a host of issues such as wheels of the trailer becoming dislodged and striking another vehicle or even a pedestrian.
  • Drugs or alcohol: Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is incredibly dangerous with any type of vehicle and especially with large, heavy commercial trucks.
  • Defective parts: trucking part defects can lead to malfunctions, which, in turn, can cause bad accidents that could have been prevented.

What Makes Trucking Accidents Different?

Tractor-trailer truck accidents differ from the average passenger car accident for few different reasons. First, big-rig trucking companies may have investigators on staff or on-call who can be immediately dispatched to the scene of an accident. There, they will start gathering evidence and talking to witnesses so that they can paint their picture of how the accident happened and how it was not their truck driver’s fault. Resources matter, and large trucking companies have a lot of resources and tools in their toolbox, so to speak.

Additionally, since truckers and trucking companies are required by law to maintain log books regarding daily trip sheets, inspection reports and hour-of-service records, there are many more documents to collect than in your typical auto accident. These documents will be critical in proving how and why the accident occurred and if the trucker or the trucking company was at fault. The absence of these documents can be used to show that records were not kept, which is adverse to the trucking company and will help your case.

Further, trucking companies will retain the best attorneys to defend their legal interests following an accident simply because there is so much on the line. The policies of insurance that these tuck companies are required to maintain are usually $1,000,000.00 or more, and the injuries sustained by the victim are usually severe, so the stakes are high.

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