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People in Gramercy, NY use buses many times each year to get where they have to go. Buses are a very convenient and economic way to get around, and for hundreds of thousands of Arizonans, buses are an important part of everyday city living. When a bus accident occurs in Gramercy, New York City, it can cause severe injuries or even death. If you or a loved one has been injured in a Gramercy bus crash, you may be entitled to financial compensation to cover the cost of your injuries, pain and suffering.

Whether you were injured in an bus crash involving public transportation, a school bus, a private bus, or even a large van, it’s imperative that you seek immediate assistance of a law firm that is familiar with these types of accidents. Our law firm will investigate the crash and find out if someone was negligent in causing your injuries and then pursue those people or entities on your behalf, while you concentrate on what is most important – getting better.

What Are Frequent Causes of Bus Accidents in Gramercy?

Buses are important for public transportation in major cities across the United States of America. Unfortunately, serious accidents can and do occur that involve buses throughout New York City and Gramercy. Although there are many reasons why a bus might get into a crash upon the roadways, here are some of the more common reasons that we’ve seen:

  • Poor weather
  • Bad road conditions
  • Defective Bus Parts
  • Another vehicle hits the bus or causes it to swerve
  • Negligence on the part of the bus driver

Notwithstanding the cause, the results from a Gramercy bus accident will likely be severe. Buses are very large and heavy and can seriously hurt pedestrians and cause extensive damage to other vehicles. Which is why when a bus is involved in a crash, the resulting injuries are likely to be very bad.

What Should You do Following a Bus Accident in Gramercy, NYC

If you have sustained injuries following a bus accident in Gramercy, New York City, you’ll want to seek immediate medical care. It is also very important to keep careful records of all your medical costs, including the ambulance transportation, all your treatments, and the entire recovery process including rehabilitation. As soon as possible, consult an experienced Gramercy Bus Accident Lawyer to handle your personal injury case.

Never assume an insurance company is going to do the right thing by you. Insurance companies are in business to generate profits and are often times publicly traded entities/companies. Their obligation is actually to others and not to you. They will look to achieve their goals by paying as little money as possible in claims as they can get away with. That’s why you need a Gramercy Bus Accident lawyer who is on your side. Your attorney will likely be able to help you get compensation way beyond what the insurance company is offering to you.

What Are Some Common Gramercy Bus Accident Injuries?

There are many different kinds of injuries that may be sustained during a bus accident, and many of them can be severe. They may include:

  • Bad burns
  • Fractured bones
  • Paralysis
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Soft-tissue neck and back injuries
  • Disability that can be permanent in nature
  • Severe scarring

Other requirements can include surgery, hospitalization and sometimes even extensive rehabilitation to allow you to recover from the injuries sustained in a Gramercy bus accident. Your bus crash attorney will determine the full cost of treatment in order to get you a fair settlement, or prepare your case for trial.

What Are Some Different Types of Buses?

If you’re hurt in a Gramercy bus accident, your attorney will do everything they can to ensure the responsible parties are held liable. They will start by finding out who owns the bus and make liability assessments. There are many different types of buses that operate in Gramercy, NYC:

  • Public/city transit buses. These are the types of buses that many people count on regularly. They may be operated in a city such as Gramercy, a regional transportation agency, or a private company that’s contracted by a local government agency.
  • Private/charter buses. These buses can be just as big as city buses, but they are not for general use. Chartered buses are usually hired by a group of people to provide transportation to a specific place, such as a sporting event or corporate get together. These buses are entirely private, so the charter company is responsible for hiring the driver and maintaining passenger safety.
  • School buses. When an school bus accidents occur in Gramercy, it may be a school district that’s liable. However, if the school board hired a private company to handle the transportation, it may also be held accountable for damages.
  • Large passenger vans. These vans are typically rented from a rental or leasing company, which may ultimately be held responsible for the safety of their passengers.

When a Pedestrian is Injured in a Bus Accident in Gramercy

Not everyone who is injured in a bus accident is a passenger. Sadly, many victims of Gramercy bus collisions are pedestrians. These kinds of accidents are often painstaking, as pedestrians have no protection from a large vehicle like a bus. When pedestrians are hit by buses, it can result in serious injuries or death.

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