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If you drive in the Gramercy, you know how terrible it is to sit in traffic. About the only thing worse than sitting in traffic is being involved in a Gramercy car accident. You expect that when you travel in your car that you are going to make it to your destination safely. Having an accident isn’t part of your plans and can be traumatic.

It’s difficult to know the right steps to take after you’ve been involved in an automobile accident. Should you hire a Gramercy car accident lawyer? Do you need to call the other driver’s insurance company? Thankfully, you don’t have to handle your car accident case on your own. Michael J. Redenburg is a Gramercy car accident lawyer that can get you the settlement that you deserve.

Hiring an NYC car accident lawyer is a logical step if you have suffered significant injuries and damages as a result of your car accident. You have bills to pay, and you need to ensure that you get a proper settlement. Victims that choose to handle their car accident cases on their own find themselves accepting low-ball offers. You don’t even have to worry about that issue when you hire us to represent you. Contact us today to set up your free consultation.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Gramercy Car Accidents in the City?

Even if you are taking public transportation, you are going to come into contact with other vehicles. You don’t have to drive to become a victim of a car accident. With hundreds of thousands of car accidents occurring in New York City, it is only a matter of time before you fall a victim.

Automobiles are considered to be dangerous instrumentalities, which is why New York mandates that each automobile be covered by a policy of insurance in the event of injuries arising out of an accident. Today’s vehicles can weigh well in excess of four thousand pounds. With stop and go traffic several fender benders occur because drivers aren’t paying attention, or they’re traveling too fast to brake appropriately.

In the case of car accidents, most of them could have been avoided. There are instances where cars have defective parts, but these are a smaller percentage. Below are some of the most common types of car accidents:

  • Distracted Driving: This type of driving occurs whenever you are behind the wheel of the car and you’re focused on anything but driving. There are so many instances where people drive home and they zone out and don’t even remember the drive. Drivers could be texting on their phones, talking to passengers, eating, and much more. The person responsible for distracted driving is negligent and may be held responsible for your accident.
  • Reckless Driving: When you intentionally disobey traffic laws, you are driving recklessly. One of the most common instances of reckless driving is speeding. You are driving too fast for conditions and can’t control your car.
  • Road Hazards: Doesn’t it seem like there is always construction on the road? Well, when you run over a pothole and lose control of your car, the road hazard was partially responsible. This would be a case where we may be able to include the City or other municipality in a personal injury lawsuit.
  • DUI/DWI Driving: Technically this can go under reckless driving, but it’s a major problem in itself. Driving while intoxicated is one of the leading causes of death on the roadways. If you were involved in an accident with a drunk driver, their BAC alone may prove their negligence in the case.

Even if you feel like you know what caused your accident, wait on making statements. A police officer will ask your version of the events for their police report, but you should never admit guilt. Although it may seem like an accident is your fault, there could be something bigger at play. So, make sure that you contact an NYC car accident attorney before admitting any fault in your accident.

What Are the Common Types of Car Accidents in New York City?

Car accidents vary from serious to minor. You could have a few scratches on your bumper, or you could end up totaling out your car. The type of vehicle you’re driving can also determine how much damage you sustain. If a small car runs into a tractor-trailer, the smaller car is going to have most of the damage and its occupant will most likely sustain the more serious injuries. Some of the most common types of car accidents are:

  • Head-on Collisions: When two cars crash into each other head first, a head-on collision occurs. Some experts view this as one of the most serious types of car accidents. The impact of the collision can cause spinal injuries, brain damage, broken bones and more. There have also been a significant number of facial disfigurements.
  • Rear-end Collisions: This is probably the most common accident that occurs in any major city with traffic. When you run into the car in front of you, you are often times responsible for a rear-end collision. These aren’t usually as dangerous as head-on collisions, but they can still be serious.
  • T-bone Collison: When a car runs directly into the side of your car in an intersection, that’s a T-bone collision. If you think about it, the impact of the cars forms a letter T. Since the point of impact is close to the driver and passenger, serious injuries can occur. We have seen cases with spinal fractures, brain trauma, and even death.
  • Sideswipe Accidents: This is a common accident that occurs on expressways and with parked cars. When you’re driving down a busy street and your car hits the mirror off a parked car, you’ve been in a sideswipe accident. When cars are moving, hitting the side of someone’s car can cause them to roll over.
  • Rollover Accidents: A car usually rolls over either because the driver loses control, was hit by another vehicle or they hit an object in the road. If you lose control while driving on a slick road and attempt to correct the steering, you can end up in a rollover situation. These accidents are incredibly dangerous and have a high fatality rate. If your vehicle sits farther from the ground, it has a better chance of rolling over.

What Is No-Fault Insurance?

No-fault insurance can be confusing to victims, as New York is one of the few states that have this law. Decades ago, before the No-Fault statute was enacted, an injured party could only be recompensed for medical expenses and lost wages incurred by suing the adverse vehicle involved in the Gramercy car accident.

To alleviate this overly harsh result, New York enacted what is commonly referred to as the No-Fault law, which, in pertinent part, states that the insurance company of the vehicle in which the injured party is situated will pay for the medical bills, lost earnings and other reasonable and necessary expenses of the injured party, regardless of the fault attributed to the vehicles involved in the accident.

These No-Fault benefits are usually subject to certain “caps” in which the No-Fault insurance company will only pay up to a certain maximum amount as stated within the Declaration Page of the applicable insurance policy.

In the event that the amount paid by No-Fault does not cover the total amount of medical bills, lost earnings and other reasonable and necessary expenses incurred by the injured party, a lawsuit may be commenced against the adverse vehicle for the balance owing to the injured party.

You must go through your insurance first, but if the compensation doesn’t cover the damages you can sue. You will need to prove that the other party was negligent and is responsible for your accident. Thankfully, we can gather evidence that you need to support your claim.

NEWS: June 6, 2023: The driver accused of killing a 23-year-old pedestrian and also plowing down 4 others in a crazy Manhattan crash admitted he was drinking all day before getting behind the wheel — with a blood alcohol level nearly twice the legal limit, prosecutors allege. Ali, only 26 years old, was ordered held on $300,000 bail by a Manhattan judge at his arraignment, despite prosecutors requesting he be remanded for the deadly Sunday night driving rampage in Gramercy Park.

Ali, of Queens, allegedly admitted to law enforcement that he began drinking at brunch around noon Sunday — and kept boozing throughout the day before getting into his gray 2021 Hyundai Sonata, Assistant District Attorney Taylor Mauer said in court. He was speeding up Third Avenue when he jumped a curb and barreled onto the sidewalk at East 21st Street, striking several pedestrians and leaving them tossed down the block, ADA Mauer said.

The 23-year-old victim was crossing Third Avenue in the crosswalk when Ali rammed into him — throwing him into the air, authorities said. Ali’s blood alcohol content was .158 two hours after the crash, nearly two times the legal limit, Mauer said during the Manhattan Criminal Court hearing. Two pedestrians, a 21-year-old man and 26-year-old woman, and an 18-year-old on an e-bike rider were also injured, as was the passenger in Ali’s car, a 25-year-old woman, prosecutors and police said. The e-bike rider suffered leg and back pain, and the two pedestrians were left with leg injuries, according to cops. Police said Ali also struck an unoccupied Chevrolet Express van from behind, while two e-bikes were left crushed by the sedan.

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