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Greenpoint is the northernmost neighborhood in New York City’s Brooklyn, State of New York. It is bordered by Williamsburg on the southwest & the BQE and East Williamsburg on the southeast. The zip code is 11222.

Brooklyn’s MTA and New York City Transit Authority bus service carries millions of people around the city each year. Bus travel may be easier than owning a car in Greenpoint Brooklyn and might be better for the environment, but bus drivers may work very long shifts and become inattentive on the road. If this leads to an accident, you could be seriously injured riding a bus in Brooklyn. If you were in a bus accident involving an MTA or New York City Transit Authority Bus call Michael J. Redenburg, Esq. PC at 212-240-9465 to schedule your free, in-office, no obligation consultation and see how we can help get the Wheels of Justice Spinning for You!

Important Note: If the New York City Transit Authority, MTA or MABSTOA are to be named defendants in any Action, a Notice of Claim Must be Served Upon them Within 90 Days After the Accident.

Buses and Other Transportation in Greenpoint Brooklyn

Greenpoint is served by MTA and New York City Transit Authority and provides public transportation to residents, visitors, and students by offering a comprehensive system of buses that take people throughout the City.

Bus Crashes in Brooklyn Are Often Attributed to Bus Driver Error

Make no mistake that bus accidents are usually severe and these large and heavy vehicles can cause massive amounts of property damage, personal injury, and even fatalities. While these vehicles offer a convenient and cost-effective way to travel, they can also be hazardous on the road. Determining who is responsible for a bus accident and what were the reasons behind a bus accident is not always an easy task, however, through intensive investigation we have observed that some of the most common causes and reasons behind a bus accident include the following:

While there are several reasons a bus may get into an accident, but driver fatigue seems to be one of the most common. Some of the other common (but somewhat less frequent) causes of bus accidents include:

  • Driver distraction or negligence
  • Road rage or driving aggressively
  • Speeding
  • Blind spots
  • Alcohol and drug abuse
  • Poor Weather Conditions
  • Too much time on the road
  • Mechanical problems
  • Error on the part of the driver

One of the most significant causes of severe bus accidents is driver fatigue. Experts have concluded that when a driver does not have adequate rest their reaction time, decision-making abilities and mental clarity are like those who have consumed alcohol before getting behind the wheel.

How a Greenpoint Brooklyn Bus Accident Lawyer can Help

Car accident cases are usually brought to court under a negligence theory, that is that a driver has a duty to drive their vehicle, they breached their duty when they say for example ran a red light, as a result of this breach they were the cause of the accident, and there were subsequently injuries. While the actual application of this standard is more complex the law behind a car accident can be rather easy to grasp.

Injuries Sustained in Brooklyn Bus Accidents

Riders rely on safe driving not only from the bus driver but also from the other drivers on the road. Bus accident victims most often include the riders themselves, but others outside the bus can also be seriously injured if they are hit by a bus while walking, riding a bike, or traveling in another vehicle. Our bus accident lawyers explain some of the common injuries you can face in a bus accident.

Minor injuries like cuts, scrapes, and bruises are some of the most common injuries. Injuries from striking against surfaces inside the bus can cause bruises and contusions, and broken glass and other debris can lead to cuts. Wounds can also open if you strike against a surface hard enough, often requiring some medical attention to treat the injuries.

Moderate injuries like broken bones, whiplash, and concussions are also common in bus accidents. If you fall or suffer serious blunt force trauma, you can suffer broken ribs, broken collar bones, broken hips, or even broken wrists and legs. More severe breaks can also include skull fractures, spinal fractures, and broken bones in the face. Whiplash is a common injury in car accidents and can leave you with permanent neck pain and lasting discomfort even after the initial injury heals. A concussion is a mild form of brain injury, but may not be life-threatening if there is no internal bleeding or substantial injury.

More severe injuries in a car accident can be life-threatening. Severe brain injuries can result in cognitive issues, memory issues, and even motor control issues that can last for the rest of your life. Severe spinal injuries can leave you paralyzed and require ongoing medical care. Furthermore, amputation from severe accidents or from being hit by a bus can require ongoing physical therapy and completely alter your life.

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