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Greenpoint is the northernmost neighborhood in New York City’s Brooklyn, State of New York. It is bordered by Williamsburg on the southwest & the BQE and East Williamsburg on the southeast. The zip code is 11222.

Greenpoint Brooklyn Car Accident Attorney

Motor vehicle accidents may result in a variety of damages, including economic damages and non-economic damages. The injured party may lose some time from work or in a worse case scenario, be unable to return to their profession all together due to their injuries and require new vocational training. Doctor’s visits, medical expenses, IME appointments and surgeries eat up free time and money.

Proving Who Was at Fault for the Crash

The issue of negligence is the legal theory that holds the at-fault party liable for the injuries that you sustain. As with some other torts, malice is not required. Accordingly, a finding of legal negligence by the defendant named in a lawsuit or settlement demand generally plays a pivotal role in most successful car accident actions.

In sum, a driver in New York may be considered negligent if they do something reckless or careless that directly leads to someone else becoming injured. Negligence can take many different forms depending on the circumstances leading up to a car accident. If the other driver was speeding, driving erratically or not paying attention to the road, then they may be held legally responsible for your accident. But often times evidence will be necessary to support the legal theories in your case.

Some such evidence may include the Police Accident Report, for example. If the police report indicates that another driver was issued a summons as a result of the crash, this can be used to show that they were at fault for the accident. In such an instance, subpoenaing the officer for deposition may be appropriate. Any available surveillance video, photos taken at the scene of the accident an eyewitness statements will also be critical to the case. Expert testimony may also prove helpful as well as reports provided by an accident reconstructionist.

When to Hire a Greenpoint Brooklyn Car Accident Lawyer

Many times, people involved in a motor vehicle accident may be wary about talking to an attorney for any number of reasons. They may wonder what a lawyer can do for their case, may not know what types of questions they should be asking, or may be worried about the price of legal services. Car accident victims who have suffered severe injuries as the result of a car accident should not wait until they hear from the car insurance company to contact a lawyer; they should do so right away after the accident occurs. Obtaining competent legal representation out of the gate will pay off with dividends.

Responsibilities of the Injured Driver

People involved in a car accident will need to assist their Brooklyn car accident lawyers by obtaining and preserving critical evidence that will support their case in the future. Obviously, the first thing to do is seek immediate medical attention and get the proper treatment. Be sure to save any of the paperwork associated with the medical treatment you receive such as the hospital discharge papers and other documents. If you get surgery, make sure to get a copy of the Operative Report, even though, as a practical matter, your attorney can obtain that later with HIPAA authorization that you will sign and provide. Names, email addresses and phone numbers of witnesses should be preserved.

Right after the accident occurs, it’s not always possible to determine how severe the injuries are going to be. This is why it’s important to see medical professionals as soon as possible after the accident happens. Injuries and symptoms just don’t always appear right away after the accident happens. Further, injuries that seem slight at first may become worse over time, especially if not identified and treated right away.

Brooklyn Car Accident Lawyers’ Role in a Case

Although anyone involved in a car accident is legally permitted to represent themselves in court as a pro-se litigant, this is usually not a wise idea. Court procedures can be difficult to comply with for someone who is not properly trained as a lawyer. Further, where legal papers are required to be submitted, prevailing caselaw will need to be cited to and the laws and prevailing caselaw is changing on an almost constant basis. Nine times out of ten your case will likely turn out more favorably when you are properly represented by a skilled attorney.

At Michael J. Redenburg, Esq. PC, we have more than fifteen years of legal experience and have represented countless auto accident victims throughout the New York City area, Suffolk and Nassau counties and Westchester. In short, we know how to handle your accident case to obtain the best monetary compensation for you.

Dealing With a Car Accident in Brooklyn

Auto accidents are a far too common occurrence and can create a great deal of chaos. This may include serious injuries, massive medical bills, damaged property, and the loss of time at work and with those you love. The statistics for automobile crashes in the Brooklyn area reveal that many residents of the state will, at some point, be involved in an accident or collision that can lead to direct and collateral damage. If you have been involved in collision, or you know someone who has, you should contact a dedicated auto accident lawyer as soon as possible. That attorney can provide you with a clear assessment of your potential claim for any harms and losses you have suffered, and they can explain every step of the civil litigation process so that you are prepared should you choose to file such a claim.

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