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Being involved in a Greenwich Village motorcycle accident can be a devastating event. Regardless of the injuries you suffer, the shock of the situation can leave you incapacitated and unable to properly deal with the legal aftermath. If you’re hurt in a motorcycle accident, you are entitled to compensation for damages to your bike, personal injuries that you have sustained, and mental trauma that you have endured.

Documenting the Details After a Greenwich Village Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accident attorneys will work hard show that you were not at fault for the motorcycle accident, ensuring that you obtain the full amount of money that is due and owing to you. Make sure that you’re able to answer the following questions during your consultation with your Greenwich Village motorcycle accident lawyer:
Where and when did the motorcycle crash happen?
How did the motorcycle crash occur?

Describe events leading up to the crash and make sure you have pictures of the crash scene.
Who were all of the parties involved?
What are the phone numbers, addresses and names of the witness?
What were your chief complaints when you arrived at the hospital?

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Greenwich Village, NYC

Motorcycles are inherently dangerous to operate in the City, with higher accident and fatality rates than cars.

Some of the more common causes of motorcycle accidents are:

Dangerous road conditions: During inclement weather, motorcycling becomes extremely dangerous, and there is a heightened risk of being involved in a motorcycle crash. Unsafe road conditions may also be caused by potholes and a lack of proper road signage.

Speeding: When speeding, vision and reaction time are significantly impaired and reduced.

Lane splitting: The extremely dangerous and risky practice of “slicing lanes” or driving between the two cars that are each in their proper respective lanes.

Unsafe lane change: Motorcyclists in Greenwich Village can get into an accident when they neglect to check their blind spot.

Defective parts: If all the mechanical and safety pieces of your motorcycle are not up to snuff, you are at severe risk when you hit the road. Regular servicing and maintenance of your motorcycle is imperative.

Other drivers: In a lot of situations, it isn’t the motorcyclist who is at fault. Other vehicles and operators can be a major cause of motorcycle accidents due reckless driving and speeding.
Regardless of the cause of your motorcycle crash, an experienced Greenwich Village motorcycle accident lawyer can help you recover financial compensation for any damages you may have suffered.

Will I Have a Viable Case if I Was Lane Splitting?

Lane-splitting is unfortunately an all too common practice among motorcyclists in Greenwich Village. This consists of operating your motorcycle between lanes of stopped or slow-moving automobiles and even trucks caught up in slow moving traffic. In New York, and many states across America, lane-splitting is unlawful.

Greenwich Village motorcycle crashes may be caused by any number of factors, and despite what many people may think, it’s not always the motorcyclist’s own operating error that is to blame.

In some instances, a motorcycle accident will neither be your fault nor the fault of the other driver. Defective parts may cause motorcycle accidents and you may be able to include in your cause of action relief for any damages from the manufacturer of the defective product.
Manufacturers and retailers may also be held liable in instances where their own defective product was the cause of a crash. If this is the case, then you may be able to include in any lawsuit a cause of action against the manufacturer or seller as well.

At times there may be several different theories of liability:
Defective design: Perhaps the motorcycle had a dangerous design notwithstanding, safer alternatives. Perhaps the safer route was avoided to save money and maximize profits.

Defective manufacture: Was there a flaw in the production of the motorcycle that caused it to be unreasonably dangerous?

Failure to Warn: The manufacturer or seller may have failed to warn operators of known risks or failed to provide appropriate safety instructions for operating the bike.

Misrepresentation. The manufacturer or seller made unproven claims about the safety of their product or failed to disclose important information to potential operators of the cycle.

Is a Motorcycle Passenger Entitled to Compensation from Accidents?

When you place a passenger on the back of your motorcycle it changes the way that the motorcycle handles and balances especially when negotiating turns and off-ramps. Accordingly, it is important to be aware of these risks which include being thrown from the back of the motorcycle and hitting the ground when the turn is being negotiated. In many cases, the passenger will be able to recover monetary compensation because they will not be able to be held at fault for the accident.

However, the available amount of compensation for the passenger may be reduced due to their own negligence, such as if they failed to wear a helmet. Another caveat may be when the passenger is aware that the motorcyclist is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If they willingly got onto the back of the motorcycle knowing this, then the amount of compensation that they are entitled to may be reduced accordingly.

What to Do if You’re Involved in a Greenwich Village Motorcycle Accident

If you’re involved in a motorcycle accident in Greenwich Village, we know how traumatic the experience can be. Immediately after the cycle crash you’ll be in a state of shock and expectedly so. To ensure that your motorcycle accident attorney has everything they need, here is a list of actions you should take at the scene of the crash:

Get all of contact details from all of the parties involved in the motorcycle accident, as well as the names and addresses of any witnesses;
Get the license and registration information from all of the drivers involved;
Report the accident to the authorities;
Take photos of the damage done to the motorcycle and also the scene of the accident;
Go to the hospital to get treated for your injuries;
Call a motorcycle accident lawyer to help you obtain proper compensation.

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