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Every year, goods worth close to hundred of billions of dollars are transported through New York state and some of these trucks make their way through Greenwich Village, NYC. Trucks carry a high percentage of these goods. Greenwich Village truckers face heavy traffic congestion, poor road conditions, and especially irresponsible driver behavior. Accidents are bound to happen. A Greenwich Village truck accident lawyer is a great resource for injured victims following a crash.

At Michael J. Redenburg, Esq. PC, our truck accident attorneys take the injuries done to truck accident victims seriously. We also know what devastating consequences these accidents can have, and we always work hard to help victims. Truck accidents often involve several vehicles. They can cause serious injuries, even death, and huge property damage. They represent challenging cases even for an experienced accident attorney because there are often so many players involved.

Trucks in Greenwich Village Can Be Difficult to Control

Weighing up to 30 times more than an average car, tractor-trailers are very difficult to control. They need a lot more space to navigate turns, and a longer distance to stop after beginning to brake. Truck drivers cover exceptionally long distances in record time. They spend long hours behind the wheel, and sometimes more than the law allows. This often results in poor focus, a late notice of traffic dangers, and diminished reaction speed.

As Greenwich Village truck accident attorneys know, truck drivers are responsible for 50% of their accidents. In 32% of cases, they get off the road or into the adjacent lane. In 29% of cases, they lose control of the truck due to high speed, mechanical issues, cargo shifts, or bad roads. 22% of accidents involve a truck rear-ending another car due to speed, tailgating, or distractions.

Of course, truckers are not always at fault, and not all accidents follow the same pattern. That is why every accident claim should consist of extensive investigations. The best person to ensure they are done properly are Greenwich Village truck accident lawyers. They will investigate the cause of the accident and carefully develop ways to prove it in a court of law. A brief overview of the main truck accident causes in Greenwich Village is a good starting point.

Reasons to Contact a Greenwich Village Truck Accident Lawyer

At the Law firm of Michael J. Redenburg, Esq. PC, we have handled numerous cases involving truck accidents. We know how to investigate and prove the causes and consequences. According to our findings, truck accidents occur due to one or more of the following factors:

  • Irresponsible driver behavior. Too many drivers operate vehicles while tired or intoxicated. Others use their cell phones while driving or go down on the accelerator too hard and too fast. Some drivers perform risky maneuvers, relying on other drivers to protect them. This type of behavior is often times difficult to prove even for the most seasoned Greenwich Village truck accident lawyer.
  • Improperly serviced trucks. Traveling thousands of miles loaded with heavy cargo, trucks get a lot of wear and tear. Their maintenance requirements are higher than that of the average automobile. Unfortunately, not all of them get the required maintenance. Without it, the fallout from mechanical and technical failures are only a matter of time.
  • Traffic laws aren’t followed– Truck drivers might disobey traffic laws. They don’t yield the right of way, they change lanes without signaling, or they engage in speeding. This risky traffic maneuvering eventually leads to truck accidents in Greenwich Village. Many truckers do not acknowledge their liability. However, an experienced truck accident attorney in New York City will find a way to prove it.
  • Overweight and/or improperly secured cargo – A lot of trucks carry cargo beyond the weight limits permitted. The cargo tie-downs are not always perfect either. The additional weight makes stopping and turning more treacherous. When the cargo is improperly secured, things can get even worse. The cargo shifts and can alter the truck’s balance. Controlling the truck can prove to be even more difficult. When the trucker fails and an crash happens, proving liability can prove challenging. The fault could belong to the trucking company, their maintenance provider, or the trucker himself. You will need a skilled Greenwich Village truck accident attorney to prove fault and liability.

Determine the Cause of the Truck Accident

When a truck accident does happen, identifying the cause of the crash is paramount. It’s the most important part of identifying the at fault party and, at the end of the day, the one who will be named as the defendant in a filed civil action. Naming the right parties in the lawsuit is critical to obtaining just compensation. Naming the wrong parties, or not naming all of the proper parties can prove catastrophic to your truck accident case. To avoid this, all truck accident victims should consult a trucking accident lawyer. Your attorney will review all of the circumstances surrounding the accident and can send investigators out to the scene to perform a thorough investigation.

Some of the things that your lawyer will take into account:

The parties that a Greenwich Truck Accident Attorney Might Consider for a Case

If you were hurt in a Greenwich Village truck accident, contact our lawyers for help.

The following things may come into play when a truck accident claim is filed:

The Trucking Company

Some trucking-companies employ inexperienced drivers and mandate that they drive longer hours than permitted pursuant to the law. Other companies turn a blind-eye to the maintenance and repair requirements of their trucks to save money. When improperly maintained trucks cause accidents, they need to answer for their actions and/or inactions and be held accountable. A dedicated truck accident attorney in Greenwich Village will find a way to make them compensate you appropriately.

Third Parties

Sometimes the reason for the truck accident is not the trucking company, but rather, some other third-party. Could it be a construction company performing work upon the roadway? Was it the supplier of the truck’s cargo that had a hand in some wrongful conduct? Other issues may be present as well.

To ensure that there is enough time to put your case together, we like to start working on your case as soon as possible, and the sooner the better. As time passes, critical pieces of evidence may disappear; witnesses can move and not be contactable and witnesses’ memories fade. If the key witnesses are not interviewed immediately, they may not be helpful in supporting your truck accident case.

A truck inspection often times proves appropriate and we can retain the right experts. We can have a trucking expert check:

  • Records regarding inspections, maintenance, and repairs
  • Lights and reflectors
  • Vehicle markings
  • Cargo ties and securing systems
  • Tire covers
  • Emergency equipment
  • Cargo dimensions, and more

Why Reach Out to a Greenwich Village Truck Accident Lawyer as Soon as Possible?

Your right to file an action for your trucking accident injuries is subject to the statute of limitations. If strict deadlines are not met and adhered to, your ability to bring a claim can be forever time barred.

The defendant will try to blame you for the accident so that even if you have suffered severe injuries, the amount of compensation that they’ll claim you’re entitled to will be reduced proportionately. You have the burden to prove your case and that requires meticulous investigation and legal work to make sure you’re successful.

NEWS: February 12, 2014: The collision happened in Greenwich Village at the intersection of Seventh Avenue and West 14th Street around 5:30 a.m. The force of the impact sent both the tandem MTA M14 bus and truck crashing through the scaffolding and into the side of a building. Several parked cars were hit as well.

The bus driver, an 18-year MTA veteran, was pronounced dead at the scene. The victim’s brother was quoted as saying, “We’re grieving, you know, it just takes time, it’s just begun.” “This is a great loss to society and the great union of Local 100 and the rest of his coworkers,” said a union representative. The crash left his coworkers shaken. “It’s like a roll of the dice, you never know when you’re going to go home,” said Steven B., an MTA bus driver.

Four other people were hurt. They include the only two passengers on the bus, the driver of the truck and a coffee vendor on the street. None of the injuries was considered life threatening.

The preliminary investigation indicated that the 23-year-old driver of the truck had just stolen the “18 Rabbits Granola” delivery vehicle, apparently while the owner was making a delivery at a nearby bodega and left the keys inside. Before hitting the bus, the suspect allegedly struck a taxi cab, a truck and a scooter that one man used as his car. The suspect was also seen banging on some doors near the Dream Hotel before the alleged truck theft took place. “He looked out of breath. He was sweating around the neck,” said Victor V. The 23-year-old was taken into police custody and was in the hospital.

Scaffolding collapsed down onto the bus, and inspectors from the Department of Buildings were there to determine if the building suffered any structural damage.

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