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If you have been involved in a car accident, you probably need to hire a NYC car accident attorney. Many victims try to handle their car accident cases on their own, and they end up with denials and reduced settlements. If your car accident resulted in major damages, you don’t want to risk your right to fair and adequate compensation. Michael J. Redenburg Esq. P.C. is an experienced Little Italy car accident lawyer with a high success rate. Over the past 10 years, he has handled hundreds of cases successfully in New York City. You need someone that is going to fight for you and represent your needs. If you or someone you know has been involved in a car accident, contact our offices today.

What Is New York’s No-Fault Law?

New York is one of several states in the United States that relies on a no-fault system with car accidents. When you are in an accident, regardless of who is at fault, you need to report to your own insurance company first. The law allows your insurance to pay your medical bills and lost earnings up to a certain threshold. There are a few benefits to this law:

Your medical bills and lost earnings will be paid by your insurance company regardless of who is at fault.

The system reduces the number of personal injury lawsuits that see their way to court.

Should You Talk to the Insurance Company About a Little Italy Car Accident?

This is up to you, but if you’re hiring a NYC car accident lawyer we advise against it. Even if you haven’t decided about hiring a NYC car accident lawyer, don’t make any statements admitting any kind of fault. We offer free consultations to help you decide if you have a case and to give you advice on how to handle these situations. Many victims get tripped up by insurance companies, so they end up with lower settlements. Don’t let this happen to you; come into our office to go over your options.

Insurance companies are only looking out for themselves. At the end of the day, an insurance company is a business. To remain successful, they need to minimize their losses. So insurance companies are going to try to settle with you for the lowest amount possible.

An insurance adjuster may call you and they have already looked over your case. They aren’t really interested in the details, only the statistics. What were your injuries, how much have they paid out in the past, and what’s the lowest amount of money that they can offer you? Many victims take this offer because they are in need of money. We recommend that you hire an experienced NYC personal injury attorney and direct all the calls from the insurance company to your Little Italy car accident attorney.

Can I Sue an At-Fault Party for Injuries I Have Sustained During My Little Italy Car Accident?

After having your medical bills paid and lost earnings reimbursed by your no-fault coverage, if that isn’t enough to fairly and adequately compensate you for all of your losses, you can seek additional damages. You are eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit if:

  • You can prove that you have a serious injury as a result of the accident;
  • You lost a significant time from work;
  • You experience pain and suffering as a result of the accident;

However, to go after someone in a lawsuit you need to have evidence supporting your claim. For example, if you are hit by a drunk driver, their BAC is enough evidence to prove their negligence. When filing a personal injury lawsuit, you really need an experienced Little Italy car accident lawyer in your corner to help guide you through the process.

How Can I Get the Largest Settlement?

Everyone is worried about compensation when they enter our office. When we handle car accident personal injury claims, we don’t get paid unless you do. So, winning for you is also a win for us. Our recommendation on getting the largest settlement possible is to come into our office for a free consultation.

Hiring an NYC car accident attorney streamlines the process of filing your personal injury claim. An experienced Little Italy car accident attorney will have resources at their disposal that you don’t have on your own. You need evidence to build a case against the at-fault party, and we will work to gather all the evidence we need to strengthen your claim.

An experienced Little Italy car accident attorney negotiates with other NYC car accident attorneys and insurance companies on a daily basis. They are better prepared to accept offers because they know if they are adequate settlements. Don’t get roped in by a first settlement, when you could get a better offer down the line.

What Types of Evidence Are Important to a Little Italy Car Accident Case?

Each case is different, so we need to thoroughly research what happened with each accident. You stating that you aren’t negligent isn’t enough to convince a judge and jury. We need evidence that is going to support your version of the story. Some of the pieces of evidence that we collect are:

  • Insurance reports
  • Photographs of the scene
  • Police reports
  • Medical bills
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Witness testimony
  • And recreations of the accident

We know that there is a lot to lose if you don’t win your settlement. So, we build your case on as much solid evidence as possible. We want to succeed and give you the compensation that you deserve.

What Is the Statute of Limitations on Car Accidents in New York?

When you are filing a no-fault insurance claim you only have 30 days to get the paperwork into your insurance company. If you fail to submit the proper forms in the correct time limit, you can be denied no-fault benefits. Hiring a Little Italy car accident lawyer ensures that your paperwork will be filed on time and filled out correctly.

With regard to a personal injury lawsuit, you have three years from the time of your accident to file your lawsuit in court. Although, if you are suing the City, you only have one year and ninety days. You can see how all of these details can get confusing over time. An experienced New York City car accident attorney understands all of the red tapes that come with handling car accident cases. We can answer all your questions and help you build a case that will give you the best chance at a larger settlement.

What Are Some Injuries That You Have Represented?

Injuries are a huge part of car accident claims. Not only do you have to replace damaged property, but you also have to recover from injuries. This recovery could keep you out of work for days, months, or even years. We’ve had some clients lose their job because they were no longer physically able to do it. Some of the most common injuries we see are:

  • Broken bones
  • Neck injuries
  • Brain injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Scars
  • And many more

You Deserve to Have an Expert Little Italy Car Accident Attorney Fight for You

Don’t take on your car accident case on your own, when you can hire an expert NYC car accident attorney. Michael J. Redenburg Esq. P.C. wants to handle your case, so you can get your settlement and move on with your life. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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