Elbow Injury

Anatomy of an Elbow

Most people never think about their elbows, but they are actually extremely complex parts of our bodies. They are complex in that they have a joint, hinge and other areas that make up the total of the elbow. If you have pain in your elbow after a car crash, you are experiencing musculoskeletal issues. You will need to have it looked at by a medical professional. This means that you should seek medical advice from your doctor, or medical office where you are seen on a regular basis, the emergency department of your local hospital.

If you are offered to be checked out at the scene of the accident, you should always have this performed. It is to your benefit to be checked at the accident to ensure that you are fine and do not have any hidden injuries. If you did not get checked out at the time of the accident at the scene by EMTs, that is okay as well. You can still give us a call to discuss your claim for an elbow injury after this accident.

What Kinds of Damage Can My Elbow Sustain?

Your elbow is made up of several different areas:

  • Anterior
  • Lateral
  • Medial
  • Posterior

Your doctor will perform tests of your elbow range of motion after a car crash. This will determine the exact location of any damage to the elbow region of your body. If you have a positive test result for pain in any of the identified areas, you will be given a course of treatment to help it to heal properly. There are many nerves in the elbow, as well as cartilage, blood vessels, nearby bones and associated ligaments. Any of these areas can also be damaged in a car crash. Depending on the results of any testing, you will be advised of the exact injury to your elbow. There are a number of injuries that you could have incurred in your car accident, such as:

  1. Tendon rupture
  2. Nerve compression
  3. Weakness or inability to resist or withstand force
  4. Isolated pain
  5. Instability of the joint
  6. Ligament injury
  7. Tunnel syndrome
  8. Tingling
  9. Pain rotating certain degrees
  10. Medial joint pain
  11. Outstretched arm pain
  12. Shattered bones in the elbow
  13. Resistance pain
  14. Pain in the shoulder
  15. Pain on flexing elbow
  16. Pain on tapping elbow
  17. Superficial nerve pain

Your elbow is connected to your arm. You may have even had an injury to the elbow, and mistakenly believe that your “arm” hurts. Until you are checked out by a healthcare professional, do not try to diagnose your injuries yourself. Leave that to the professionals, as they can tell if there are hairline fractures, internal breaks or issues, or know if there are torn ligaments in the region of your elbow that need medical attention.

How Can Your Elbow Be Injured?

Elbow injuries are caused by repetitive motions and movements in a work environment that cause stress to your elbow joint. Often referred to as “tennis elbow,” these stresses can lead to serious ailments, which can inhibit your ability to perform your job properly, as well as cause tremendous physical pain for years to come. Work-related repetitive stress like this can affect those who work in the construction field, as well as any other occupation that requires physical labor.

If you believe that you’ve suffered an elbow injury as a result of work-related injury or following an accident where someone else is to blame, contact Michael J. Redenburg, Esq. PC to discuss your case in his Downtown, NYC lower-Manhattan office at no charge. That’ our No Win-No Fee promise to You! Call 212-240-9465 to get the wheels of justice spinning for you.

What Is Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) is a musculoskeletal injury caused by repetitive stress from the overuse of the elbow. When the tendons that join the forearm muscles with the outside of the elbow become inflamed from overuse, tiny tears form and put stress on the rest of your arm. This causes pain in your arm and can affect your daily life and work in negative ways, and if left untreated, can cause chronic pain. The repetitive motions that often cause tennis elbow include:

  • Flexing and/or extending the elbow
  • Wrist extension
  • Heavy lifting
  • Pulling levers and/or gears
  • Machine operation
  • Excessive gripping

These motions can place stress on the tendons and muscles in your elbow. The resulting pain from this injury is generally focused on the outside of the arm in the area where the forearm meets the elbow, but can also affect your entire arm, as the forearm muscles extend to the wrist and fingers. Other symptoms may include numbness, limited range of motion, and tingling or burning sensations.

Tennis elbow is a common injury that affects many people, roughly three percent of the population, and in various occupations. It generally affects those between the ages of 30 to 50 and only five percent of tennis elbow cases are linked to playing tennis.

Stats on Tennis Elbow:

  • Affects 1% to 3% of the population
  • Fewer than 5% related to tennis
  • Men affected more than women
  • Most people affected are age 30-50 years old

How We Can Help

If you suffered an elbow injury due to someone else’s injury, we have the knowledge and experience to help you pursue compensation for your pain. Compensation may include expenses for:

  • Medical bills
  • Rehabilitation bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

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