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Elmhurst is a neighborhood in the borough of Queens in NYC. It is bounded by Roosevelt Avenue on the north; the Long Island Expressway on the south; Junction Boulevard on the east; and the New York Connecting Railroad on the west. The zip code is 11373.

Hurt in a Car Crash Because of Someone Else’s Negligence?

You have intense stress, physical and mental injuries, financial uncertainty, battles with insurance companies who don’t want to pay, and possibly even the loss of a loved one.

And you also have more car accident attorneys to choose from in NYC than you have time to talk to.

Michael J. Redenburg, Esq. PC :

  • Connects you with top medical experts so you recover as fast and fully as possible (and so you have the strongest evidence supporting your case).
  • Helps you navigate any medical bills you’ve already accrued so you can get billing and collectors off your case.
  • Deals with insurers so you don’t make a mistake and find yourself cheated out of thousands of dollars.
  • Does all this so you can focus on working through the physical and emotional trauma of your accident.

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Another difference from other car accident lawyers in Queens is that an attorney with at least 16 years of experience does all the real work on your claim.

You see, many firms have an experienced senior attorney meet with you. Then that attorney passes on the real work to inexperienced junior attorneys and paralegals.

Junior attorneys may even argue your case in court! Meanwhile, the experienced senior attorney merely sits back and supervises.

While such firms may have good intentions, this approach puts your case at risk of missing out on tens of thousands of dollars. Junior attorneys and paralegals simply do not have the experience necessary to get you the most compensation possible for your injuries.

Another problem you may encounter with other law firms lies in the lawyer not having direct experience with your type of claim.

A personal injury claim may be a car accident, truck accident, product liability issue, slip-and-fall, dog bite, traumatic brain injury, or any of several other situations. The problem is that, while the lawyer may have personal injury experience, they may not have experience with the exact type of accident you’ve been in.

As a result, they won’t know all the little (but important) decisions to make that help you get the most money for your injuries.

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We work on a “contingency fee” basis. That means you only pay after you win your claim. You pay absolutely nothing up front. We take a percentage of your case’s final settlement value as our fee. So, you can easily afford our car accident lawyers, even if you’re totally broke.

After meeting, many clients find out they have a more compelling case than they originally thought. Some find out they have a claim when other lawyers tell them they didn’t have one at all.

During your free, no-obligation in-office consultation, you will learn exactly what we think we can do for you. And you’ll learn how we’ll approach your claim.

But you won’t feel any annoying high sales pressure to choose Michael J. Redenburg, Esq. PC on the spot. Simply learn more about your claim. Experience how nice our car accident lawyers are in person. And then make your decision to move forward only when you feel ready.

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Why Should You Call an Attorney After a Car Accident?

The biggest mistake you can make lies in handling your car accident claim on your own. In some rare situations, such as when the value of your claim is low, it makes sense to take on your claim yourself. However, in most cases, you’re wise to let a car accident attorney in Dallas handle your claim for you.


Look at this list of reasons:

  • You already have too much stress on your plate. You have psychological trauma, physical injuries, a tangled mess of medical bills piling up, and a damaged or destroyed car. Plus, you may not be able to work.

Now, add on to this pile of stress all the additional work it takes to negotiate with the insurance company. And then consider that insurance companies only must deal with your claim. They specialize in offering you as little as possible and make billions off this every year.

They know what they’re doing. They do it all day, every day, for 40+ hours per week. And they’ve done it for decades. You’re at a disadvantage before you even start. Plus, it’s hard to make the best decisions possible when you already have so much on your plate.

  • New York car accident law is confusing. You’re a smart person. You can learn and understand the regulations around car accident law and litigation. But this still takes time. It’s not set up to be intuitive and simple to learn for the average person.

Plus, insurance companies deal with this all the time and already know how everything works. Your chance of getting the most compensation possible diminishes rapidly because of these facts.

  • The attorneys at Michael J. Redenburg, Esq. PC already know how to handle your claim. We know how to handle all those tiny little details like understanding which forms to file, when to file them, and how to calculate what the insurance company should pay you for your injuries (which is higher than what they think they should pay you). We’ve been doing it successfully already for over a decade and have won Millions of Dollars for our Happy Clients!
  • Focus on your recovery. You do need to do minimal legwork to make your claim happen. However, our car accident attorneys do most of the work.

It’s more important for you to focus on your recovery so you can get healthy faster. Taking on your claim yourself delays your recovery and exponentially increases your chances of mistakes and missing out on compensation you should get.

  • Win negotiations. You’re likely extremely angry at the insurance company, or even seething with rage. That’s understandable. However, high emotions make it difficult to negotiate effectively.

You can easily overlook details that could help you get more money for your injuries. Insurers know this. They use everything they can in your situation against you. Our NYC-based car accident attorneys see your situation objectively and make the most persuasive argument possible, so you win the compensation you deserve.

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Protect Your Rights: What to Do (and Not to Do) After a Car Accident

What you do and don’t do immediately after your car accident greatly effects the outcome of your claim. For example, you may be able to collect essential evidence or witness contact information which may disappear forever not long after your accident.

Here’s what to do and not do, beginning with the most important things first:

Don’t worry if you’re too injured to collect evidence. If you’re hurt too seriously to gather evidence, don’t fret about it. Take care of your health first. Get to a safe spot if you can move. Go to the emergency room and get hospitalized if necessary. A car accident lawyer can always help you collect evidence later.

But do make sure you get a lawyer involved as soon as possible. If you’re unable, have a family member take care of it for you. The faster you act, the easier it is to gather the strongest evidence needed to win your claim.

Do call the police. While a police report does not prove who’s at fault, it is one of the strongest pieces of evidence available. It is 100% imperative to have a police report to win the most money possible for your injuries.

If the officer simply tries to make you exchange insurance info with the other driver, but fails to create a report, politely ask them to fill one out anyway. If the police don’t come, or won’t file a report, file one yourself in person or online.

Do contact the police, even if it seems obvious the other driver is at fault. Take, for example, a rear-end collision. Insurers typically automatically view the driver who rear-ended you as being at fault.

However, they also might try to say you stopped suddenly or that their driver faced a sudden emergency. Call the police and get a report anyway. You can never overdo it when collecting evidence.

Do exchange info with the other driver. If the police don’t come, get the other driver’s name, date of birth, address, and driver’s license number. This guarantees they won’t completely disappear.

Don’t move your car. Law may require you to move your car. It may also be a safety hazard for others if left in its current location. If either of those is the case, move your car. If you feel too injured to move it, just leave it where it is.

Don’t talk any more than you must. Insurance claims adjusters and their legal teams will only use what you say against you later on. They’ll try to construe meanings out of your words that you didn’t intend. Make doubly sure that you do not apologize for the accident. This can be used against you, even if you aren’t at fault.

Don’t tell anyone at the accident scene that you feel fine or unhurt. Many car accident injuries may not physically manifest for days, weeks, or months. Making a statement that you feel fine to anyone at the scene of the accident (police, witnesses, or the other driver) is a big mistake. Insurers could use this against you later as proof that you’re not injured.

Do talk to medical personnel about your injuries extensively. While you generally shouldn’t talk much at the accident scene, you can give every little detail about your injuries. This gives you a record to go back to, should it become necessary in the future.

Don’t accuse the other driver of intentionally causing your accident. Insurers can use this against you too. They are not legally obligated to provide insurance in cases where another driver intentionally caused the accident. Don’t even make the accusation. You don’t want to give the insurer more opportunity to deny or minimize your claim.

Do help the other driver and make sure everyone is safe. Even if the other driver was at fault, help them get to a safe place, if possible. Don’t move them unless you feel leaving them exactly where they are puts their health at risk. It’s the right thing to do. And it also makes you look good later if your case has to go to court.

Do take images and videos of the accident scene if you can. If you can’t, ask a witness to do this for you. Make especially sure that you have imagery of the location of all vehicles after the accident, the damage done to each vehicle, and any hazardous road conditions that could have led to your accident (potholes, junk laying in the road etc.).

Have pictures of the at-fault driver (because they often take off after an accident) and their license plate. Also take pictures of other cars and license plates in the area, as they could be potential witnesses. You really can’t go overboard here.

Do not leave the scene of the accident (unless your medical needs require you to do so). First, make sure you have collected all evidence. And next, exchange insurance info with the at-fault driver. Have their driver’s license number, insurance company name, policy number, name, address, and phone number.

Do gather witness contact info. You need their name, phone number, and address. Have them text it to you immediately at the accident scene. Do this because you may misunderstand or miscommunicate and fail to take down the information correctly during the stress of your accident.

You also want to get their version of what happened. Either have them shoot a video while they share their story or have them send a video to you from their phone immediately after the accident.

It’s easy to confuse the events of an accident over time. So, it’s best to get their story when witnesses have a fresh recollection of it.

Do make your own video. Just like your witnesses, shoot a video describing how your accident happened as soon after your accident as possible. Should this testimony be needed later in court, this will make it carry the most credibility possible.

Do get medical treatment, even if you feel uninjured. Not only does this give your claim more credibility, but many injuries may not appear until days or weeks after your accident. For example, a traumatic brain injury may not become apparent until several weeks later. A minor injury could lead to organ failure or infection that takes a month to appear.

Whiplash symptoms may not appear for a few days. Seeking medical treatment helps you understand the true extent of your injuries right now. And it gives you records just in case they are needed later.

Do call your insurance company as soon as you can. Insurers have different time limits regarding how long you have to report your car accident to them. If you wait too long, they may deny coverage for your accident. Make no mistake about it: your insurer doesn’t want to pay any more than they must.

Do talk to a lawyer as soon as you can. Insurers and at-fault parties may destroy evidence. Witnesses become more difficult to find.

And, the State of New York has a 3-year statute of limitations during which you must file your claim. If you fail to file it within that time-period, you can never pursue it again. You’re wise to talk to a lawyer as soon as possible. This gives you the best chance possible of winning the maximum compensation for your injuries.

Don’t talk to the insurance company or sign their paperwork. Remember, insurers profit by not paying you. But experienced car accident attorneys in the NYC area know how to use the law in your favor.

Simple and casual statements can turn into strong defenses for insurers. And that could cost you a lot of compensation.

Don’t relax with the insurer’s representative. Their strategy might be to come across as nice and accommodating. Then, with your guard down, you share information with them that they use to reduce what they should have to pay you. No matter how helpful their rep might seem, don’t fall for the ruse. They’re never on your side.

Do record your medical appointments and health concerns. The more detail, the better. Record all your interactions with medical professionals. Take note of who you saw, why you saw them, and what you discussed.

Also write down your personal thoughts and feelings, as well as the pain and suffering you experience in your daily life. This information becomes invaluable as your case progresses.

Do log the time you missed from work. NY law entitles you to compensation for all the time you were unable to work.

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What if You Don’t Get Some of This Information?

The more of this information you can get, the better. However, if you’re unable to get it because you’re severely injured, don’t worry. We can help.

Also, one of our car accident attorneys will send a “demand to preserve evidence” letter to the at-fault party and their insurance company. As its name suggests, this letter legally obligates both to not tamper with or destroy evidence that could support your claim.

Everything You Need to Know About Police Reports

While police reports can be a critical piece of evidence in proving your car accident claim, they don’t guarantee victory. In fact, a police report can be completely disallowed by a judge, so the jury never even sees it. To be admissible in court, a police report must be proven to be factually correct. If it contains errors, it may be thrown out.

Regardless, we will still get a copy of your police report because often, it is the single most important piece of evidence. To this end, it is extremely important that you call the police after your accident so that they come to the scene and fill out their report.

If they don’t come, for whatever reason, make sure you document all the evidence (as noted earlier) and fill out your own police report at your local precinct.

Without a police report, the insurance company will have more power to give you an absurdly low settlement offer. And they may even be able to get away with not offering you anything at all.

What Information Does Your Police Report Need to Contain?

If you have to file your own police report, you’ll want to make it as thorough as possible. Most police reports, and yours, should include the following information:

  • Date, time, and location of your accident
  • Name, address, and insurance information for all parties involved
  • Any citations issued
  • Identifying information for all witnesses
  • How the accident happened and what the parties report

Understand You Must Act Before the NY Statutes of Limitations Expires

The State of NY gives you three years from the date of your accident to file your claim (with some exceptions). If you wait longer than that, your claim will be tossed out of court.

Always File Your Claim as Soon as Possible

Three years sounds like a long time. But life moves fast. And we Americans like to be busy. So, you’re wise to discuss your situation with a car accident attorney as soon after your accident as possible.

The very worst that happens is that you find out that you don’t have a claim at all. But, you could also find out that you’re entitled to significant compensation for your injuries. And acting faster will get the legal and financial complications back in order sooner.

When Does It Make Sense to Handle Your Car Accident Claim Yourself?

While it makes sense to get an attorney after your car accident in most cases, in a few rare situations, it may be wise to represent yourself. Here are those situations so you know when to make that decision:

A lawyer’s fees would eat up most of your potential winnings. Sometimes, car accident lawyers will tell you this. The possible value of your claim may simply be so low that a lawyer cannot help you.

The insurer admits liability. Sometimes, insurance companies know it’s not worth their time and money to fight your claim. So, they admit fault right away. Then, you simply must provide enough evidence so you can negotiate the amount of money they should pay you.

You’re settling out of court, using mediation, or going to small claims court. These legal processes don’t have rules that, when violated, will cause your case to go completely down the tubes (unlike regular court).

You don’t have significant or permanent injuries. If you only have a few minor bumps and scrapes, you might be fine representing yourself. However, understand that because of emotional shock and trauma, sometimes injuries don’t manifest themselves until weeks or months after your accident.

Remember, meeting with our car accident attorneys to review your case is completely free. So, if you have any doubt at all, just run your claim by us.

How to Choose a Car Accident Attorney Who Will Win You the Most Money

Know how many car accident lawyers you can find in NYC? We don’t have an official count. But you can easily bet there’s more than you have enough time to talk to.

Hiring a car accident lawyer works just like any other professional service. You don’t choose the first warm body you come to. You engage in a thoughtful evaluation process, talk to your top choices, and choose the one that makes you feel most comfortable.

Remember, tens of thousands of dollars and maybe even hundreds of thousands could be at stake. You want to make sure you’re in the best hands possible.

What should you look for? Here’s some key details to look for and questions to ask:

What types of cases do you have experience representing? Many lawyers advertise themselves as “personal injury lawyers.” But you have to remember there’s dozens of types of personal injury claims (products liability, car accidents, slip-and-fall, truck / commercial vehicle accidents, and many more). In addition, there are many different types of car accidents too.

For example, not all car accident lawyers may have experience representing car accident victims with traumatic brain injuries. They may not know all the financial damages to pursue.

And that could lead to you missing out on money. So, when you talk to your lawyer, ask if they have experience representing claims with a similar set of circumstances to yours.

Will I get more working with you than I would if I represented myself? Overwhelmingly, insurers will pay more to car accident victims when they have a lawyer. However, in some cases, hiring a lawyer will cost so much in fees that you’ll end up with less than you would if you represented yourself. A truly excellent firm will advise you when you can represent yourself and when you should use their services.

What kind of results have you won for car accident victims with circumstances like mine? No law firm should ever tell you how much you could win before thoroughly understanding and investigating your claim. It’s simply not possible to give you an accurate number with only initial, surface-level knowledge.

However, they should be able to tell you about cases like yours and the results they have achieved. Do understand though that your specific results may differ somewhat.

They have an obviously great local reputation. You shouldn’t feel any doubt about your lawyer’s reputation. They should have dozens of excellent Google Reviews.

You feel comfortable with your lawyer. Many people fall into the thinking that lawyers are difficult people to be in a professional relationship with. That can certainly be the case. But it doesn’t need to be. You can hire car accident lawyers in the Dallas area who are just as nice as your next-door neighbor. You should feel 100% comfortable with your lawyer, and not stressed out by them.

What Happens Once You Reach Out to a Car Accident Lawyer?

So, let’s assume that you’ve made the decision to hire a car accident attorney in the NYC area. And let’s also assume that you’ve followed the guide above and have chosen an attorney you feel comfortable with.

Now what?

Here’s roughly what happens:

You don’t pay anything down to start. Some lawyers require a fee to begin work. Our car accident lawyers don’t require any fee at all. We only take payment after you win your claim.

And if, in the rare circumstance that you don’t win your claim, you don’t pay anything. This is called working on a “contingency” fee basis. What you pay and when you pay is contingent upon when your claim is finished and when we collect the funds.

Remember that, above all else, it is important to tell the absolute truth right away, even if you think it makes you look bad or might hurt your claim a little. Your lawyer can help you create the best strategy to deal with that. And, if a lie were told, it will likely eventually only get exposed later and hurt your claim worse than it would have if dealt with immediately. It’s always best to tell the truth, as best you remember it, early on.

Investigation. This may or may not be easy, depending on the circumstances surrounding your claim. If you were able to collect much of the information recommended earlier (medical records, lost compensation, witness information, at-fault driver information, police report, and so on), your case will be easier to win, and it will go faster.

However, if you couldn’t gather this information because you were injured or too stressed, then the investigation takes longer. We’ll also find out if video footage from a surveillance camera is available. In extreme cases, we may hire expert witnesses (such as accident reconstruction specialists or medical professionals) to help prove your claim.

Submit the information to the insurance company. You can bet that the at-fault driver’s insurer will spend significant time and resources investigating the claim themselves. The higher the potential value of your claim, the more effort they invest in denying it.

Once we complete our investigation, we’ll send the evidence by filing a claim with the insurer. They’ll compare our evidence with theirs. And that leads to the next step.

How Does the Insurance Claims Process Work?

After a car accident, your first step is to file a claim with the at-fault party’s insurer. They’ll ask you for proof regarding the severity of your injuries and the medical treatment you have retrieved so far.

Once they get that information from you, the insurer does their own investigation. They’ll ask you for further information regarding your accident. They’ll ask for:

  • Photos of the accident
  • The police report
  • Witness contact information

They may also ask you to see a doctor of their choosing. And you can guess what they’re looking for. Though called “independent medical examiners,” their examinations are anything but independent.

Because these doctors make a lot of money due to the sheer number of patients insurers refer to them, they tend to make findings that favor the insurers. And of course, the more findings a doctor makes in their favor, the more business the insurer sends their way.

There’s not necessarily a written agreement. It’s an unwritten understanding. And you can bet insurance companies know exactly which doctors help them out most.

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