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Bicycle accidents lead to some of the most serious injuries to victims, especially if a collision involves a vehicle. Because helmets are not required of riders over the age of 14, many bicyclists who choose to ride without this protection have a higher risk of serious brain and head trauma in the event of a crash as well. Far Rockaway Queens bicycle accident attorney Michael J. Redenburg assists victims injured in a serious collision pursue proper legal action against those responsible. Bicyclists are often injured due to a negligent car, bus, or truck driver who does not take the proper precautions in sharing the road. Additionally, these accidents may result from poor road conditions that a city or other responsible party has not properly maintained. When a bicyclist is injured by another party’s negligence, they are entitled to compensation for their losses. Mr. Redenburg is committed to making sure Far Rockaway bicycle accident victims understand their legal rights and have the resources they need to aid in their recovery. If you’ve been injured, or a loved one has died, as a result of a bicycle accident, call our office at (212) 240-9465 or contact us online to find out more about how we can help.

Far Rockaway Bicycle Accidents

Far Rockaway, Queens’ over 50,000 residents use bicycles as transportation as well as for recreation. Some areas, such as along the boardwalk, can be safer for bicyclists, while others, such as major streets and thoroughfares, are more dangerous. In July 2022, a raised bike lane was constructed on Beach 20th Street. However, businesses in the area expressed discontent with the lane, reporting it as a tripping hazard that bicyclists rarely used. Further, cars frequently parked in the lane, making it difficult for bicyclists to utilize it. Spokespeople for the Department of Transportation (DOT) noted the conflict and a need for resolution. However, this area, as well as others in Far Rockaway remain unsafe for bicyclists. If you’ve been injured as a bicyclist in Far Rockaway, it is important to seek advice from a knowledgeable bicycle accident attorney as soon as possible to explore your legal options.

Even the most cautious cyclist can be injured in a collision. It is often a careless motorist that contributes to causing these accidents. Common causes of a bike crashes include:

  • Vehicles turning in front of cyclists
  • Failing to notice presence of a bicycle
  • Distracted driving
  • Drivers under the influence of alcohol
  • Failing to leave proper space for bicyclists
  • Opening car doors in front of oncoming bikes, sometimes referred to as “dooring” accidents
  • Dangerous road conditions

Injuries bicyclists often face include head and brain injuries; paralysis; broken bones; road rash and other abrasions; facial and dental damage; as well as soft-tissue injuries. Such injuries come with exponential costs. Those responsible for causing an accident can be held accountable for compensating their victims.

Showing Negligence in Bicycle Accident Cases

When a motorist’s, or another party’s, negligent actions cause a bicycle collision they can be held liable in a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. A seasoned Far Rockaway bicycle accident lawyer can help you determine who may be at fault for your injuries. Negligence is present when the defendant breaches a duty of reasonable care owed to the plaintiff. This breach must also be a proximate cause of the plaintiff’s injury or death, and result in damages. For instance, a driver who hits a bicyclist because they are too distracted by their phone to pay proper attention may be found negligent. Oftentimes evidence like medical records and police reports are necessary in showing negligence in court. If you’ve been involved in a Far Rockaway, Queens bicycle accident, you can request a copy of an accident report from the NYPD’s 101 st precinct, which is located at 16-12 Mott Avenue.

Once negligence is shown, victims may be awarded compensation for any past or future medical bills, loss of income, loss of earning capacity, as well as pain and suffering as damages. The statute of limitations for personal injury claims in New York is three years from the date the injury occurred. However, if your bicycle accident also involved a government-operated vehicle, like an MTA bus, a Notice of a Claim must be filed within 90 days, and suits need to be filed within one year and 90 days of the accident.

Far Rockaway Lawyer Assisting Bicycle Accident Victims

If you’ve been injured while riding your bike, Far Rockaway bike accident attorney Michael J. Redenburg can assist you in determining your next legal steps. We understand that legal action might not be the first thing on your mind while you recover, but it is an important element to making sure you have the financial assistance to cover the costs of your injuries. Mr. Redenburg offers compassionate and comprehensive legal services for clients in Far Rockaway as well as elsewhere in Queens. If you have legal questions in the aftermath of a serious bicycle accident, contact our office online or call (212) 240-9465 to speak with an attorney today.

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