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Do you want a bicycle accident lawyer that will work to get you the compensation that you deserve and that in fact, you are entitled to by law? What if you could hire a biking injury attorney that listens to you and makes the process easy for you while you heal and get better?

Studies have shown that hiring the right lawyer can increase the value of your case by three times the amount of money that can be obtained without the assistance of a seasoned bicycle accident lawyer. In fact, insurance companies are usually more willing to settle claims or pay out bigger checks to bike injury victims who have legal representation than to those people that do not have the proper personal injury lawyer fighting for them.

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How and Why Bicycle Accidents Occur

Bicycles are an important part of our society. Both traditional pedal bikes and e-bikes are used for recreation, exercise in the great-outdoors, and of course for transportation throughout both the city and suburbs.

Friends and families bike together, there are bike tours and races and bike couriers transport deliveries from store to door-step. But cyclists share the road with cars and trucks and unfortunately accidents can and do happen every year.

Rules to Be Followed by Bicyclists

Cyclists in Queens are entitled to the same courtesy as other vehicles on the road. There are several situations in which the law gives bicyclists the right of way over motor vehicles, and bicyclists in many places are required to have lights, reflectors, and warning bells. Too many biking accidents involve either the bicyclist or a motorist violating the rules of the road. A motorist’s violation of a traffic rule makes it much easier for the bicyclist to recover.

Bicyclists Are Afforded Little Protection in Accidents

Bicycles obviously provide far less protection than cars and trucks when involved in an accident. Bikes have none of the safety devices that motor vehicles do—seatbelts, airbags, etc.—and there is no reinforced passenger compartment.

A collision with a car or truck can cause severe injuries or even death even if the cyclist is wearing a helmet.

Biking injuries occur in many ways:

  • The direct impact from a motor vehicle
  • The impact of the bicyclist with the road surface
  • Being run over by a vehicle after falling
  • The impact of the bicyclist with parts of the bicycle itself, like handlebars, seats, and pedals

Who May Be Liable in a Biking Crash

In many bike accident cases involving a crash with a vehicle, the driver of the car or truck is often times at fault, but every bike accident is unique.

Depending on the circumstances, any of the following could be parties responsible for the injuries sustained in a bicycle accident:

  • The operator of a vehicle whose actions cause another vehicle to swerve or crash into the bicycle;
  • The manufacturer and/or seller of the bicycle, if it was defective and the defect caused the accident;
  • The agency or governmental unit that failed to properly maintain the roadway;
  • The occupant of a vehicle that opens a door and causes the cyclist to crash into it, also referred to as “dooring;”
  • A pedestrian who causes the bicyclist to lose control.

A Claim That the Cyclist Caused the Accident

Few people readily admit fault in an accident, and bicycle accidents are no different. Some motorists will claim that they didn’t see the bicycle at all and simply assume the cyclist must have been doing something wrong. Others simply proffer any defense they think may get them off the hook and cheat the injured cyclist out of a recovery. But to prevail at trial, witness statements need to be gathered and accident reconstructionists may need to be retained. This is where an experienced bicycle accident lawyer comes in.

Injuries Sustained in a Cycling Crash

Cycling has become a very common type of transportation in big metropolitans such as Queens County. And although cycling has become an attractive option for many, there are numerous bicycle accidents that occur each year resulting in devastating consequences.

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The Most Common Types of Cycling Injuries

Cyclists can experience many different types of injuries as the result of an accident involving a commercial truck, a motor vehicle, other bicyclists, or a pedestrian. Some of the most common types of cycling injuries include the following:

Fractured collarbones

Injuries involving the clavicle or collarbone are quite common when a bicyclist falls off their bike. Often, when accidents occur, riders put their hands in front of them to break their fall. Consequently, a cyclist’s hands often take the shock created by the fall which can result in a fractured clavicle.

Fractured Hips

Some bicyclists fall off to the side following an accident which results in them landing on their hip. In light of the force when bicyclists fall and considering that their hips in these situations are the first area to strike the ground, fractured hips are also a common type of cycling injury.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Head injuries are one of the more common injuries sustained by cyclists in an accident. Traumatic brain injuries can result in fatalities as well as very serious physical injuries that impact the rest of a person’s life. And although wearing a bicycle helmet helps to decrease the significant risk of these injuries, helmets are unfortunately not capable of protecting a person against all bicycle accidents that occur.

Preventing Cycling Injuries

To avoid sustaining cycling injuries, there are some important safety tips that a person can take to avoid the risk of being seriously injured. Some of the most important steps that a person can take when riding a bicycle include the following:

  • Do Not Exceed a Safe Speed. Not all bicycles should travel at the same speed. It is important that cyclists avoid traveling at speeds that they are not comfortable with.
  • Use Lights at Night. Bicyclists who travel in the dark should make sure to equip their bicycle with adequate lights as well as a reflector to make sure that the bicycle is seen by nearby vehicle operators.
  • Be Cautious and Aware. Many bicycle accidents occur because bicyclists are intoxicated. To avoid being involved in an accident, bicyclists should avoid operating their vehicle while distracted.
  • Wear a Helmet. Wearing a helmet helps protect against many different types of head injuries.

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