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Michael Redenburg

Kew Gardens Trip-and-Fall Accident Lawyer

Being injured in a fall can result in significant injuries, which can be much more serious than just small bumps and bruises. Trip-and-fall accidents, and these injuries, are also often due to a property owner’s lack of care in keeping their premises safe. In these situations, those negligent owners should be held legally liable for the harm they’ve caused. Kew Gardens trip-and-fall attorney Michael J. Redenburg is dedicated to doing just that. Mr. Redenburg and his team helps victims determine who is at fault and works tirelessly to ensure that they are held accountable. Victims of trip-and-fall accidents often need financial assistance to cover the costs of their recovery, and our firm is committed to making sure they have the resources they are entitled to from the ones responsible for their harm. If you’ve suffered injuries due to a fall on a defective  sidewalk, parking lot, or another dangerous area on someone else’s property, call our office at (212) 240-9465 or contact us online today to explore your legal options. 

Kew Gardens Trip-And-Fall Accidents

Trip-and-fall accidents may occur anywhere, and although sometimes they are no one’s fault, in many situations they are the result of a preventable dangerous hazard. When a dangerous condition exists, and that danger leads to a person’s fall and subsequent injuries, those who are responsible for the upkeep of the property can be held accountable. In Kew Gardens, falls can happen in and around the businesses on Lefferts Boulevard, Metropolitan Avenue, Austin Street, or Kew Gardens Road. Uneven sidewalks or pavement throughout neighborhoods can also lead to serious trip-and-fall incidents. If you have questions about your legal rights after sustaining a fall, a seasoned Kew Gardens trip-and-fall lawyer can assist you in determining your next legal step.  

Stairwells and steps are also common areas where unsafe conditions can cause dangerous falls. The Property Maintenance Code of New York governs staircase safety guidelines for commercial and multi-unit buildings. For family residences, the Residential Code of New York oversees staircase management guidelines. Owners of property as well as management companies must comply with regulations set by each Code, which includes rules regarding:

  • Lighting in stairwells
  • Railing requirements
  • Clutter and debris in stairways

Failure to keep stairways up to code can result in serious injuries. Dangerous conditions on sidewalks such as cracks, unevenness, or holes are also a leading cause of trip-and-fall injuries. If you’ve been injured by an unsafe sidewalk in New York city, the owner of the adjacent property may be held accountable for failing to maintain the sidewalk in a reasonable manner.

Trip-and-fall accident victims may recover compensation for their injuries by filing a premises liability lawsuit. It is important to consult a knowledgeable trip-and-fall attorney in Kew Gardens to make sure you have the evidence and support to establish your case. These claims require a showing that an owner, or occupier, knew or should have known with reasonable inspection, that a dangerous condition was present on their property. It also must be shown that this party failed to take reasonable action to eliminate that danger or warn visitors of the unsafe condition. Once these elements are proven, victims may be awarded compensation for medical expenses, both past and anticipated, as well as lost income or any differences in earning capacity that resulted from their injuries.

Timing is vital in any legal action, and especially in premises liability cases. Important evidence such as photographs of the site of a fall, as well as incident reports and surveillance footage all need to be preserved to prevail in court. Kew Gardens trip-and-fall attorney Michael J. Redenburg assists victims in obtaining this key evidence and making sure their case has the best chance at success. Mr. Redenburg represents clients throughout New York City, not only in Queens, but also across Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island. Contact our office today at (212) 240-9465 or online so we can get started on your claim.

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