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Stuyvesant Town in Manhattan with zip codes of 10009 and 10010 is part of Manhattan’s Community District 6. It is the largest apartment complex in America with over 20,000 residents. Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village, sometimes shortened to StuyTown, is a large post-World War II private residential development on the east side of NYC.

If you’ve been struck by a truck, big-rig or semi-trailer while moving around the City, contact a Stuyvesant Town truck accident attorney to hold the responsible party liable and get the compensation you deserve.

Holding Truckers Liable When Their Negligence Harms Others in Stuyvesant Town Manhattan

Truck accidents are exponentially more dangerous than automobile accidents. The size, weight, and force of the truck creates huge amounts of physical force that can simply destroy a midsize sedan or strolling pedestrian in the event of a crash. By holding truckers and the companies they work for liable in the event of an accident, not only does the injured party get compensated, but moreover, it may force broader changes in the industry that increase safety for everyone.

Causes of Trucking Accidents in StuyTown NYC

According to recent statistics, thousands of people die each year as the result of horrific trucking accidents, many of which could have been avoided. The operator of an 18-wheeler who slams on the brakes can jackknife the tractor-trailer which can not only cause an accident, but can also result in a devastating chain-reaction of events, especially if the trailer ends up sideways across the interstate. Sometimes, an inexperienced trucker will not appreciate the height of their rig and try to pass under an overpass that is lower than the height of the tractor-trailer. This type of accident is completely avoidable, but can result in devastation.

Some of the more common causes of trucking accidents we’ve seen in Stuyvesant Town, Manhattan include:

  • Unsafe tractor-trailers. Sometimes, the rig itself is to blame for the disastrous consequences of a big-rig crash.
  • Trucker was over hours. In the fast paced and profit driven world of trucking, drivers are sometimes forced to drive excessive hours without the adequate amount of rest. This leads to driver fatigue, inattention, and sometime the use of illicit drugs to help stay awake and focused. All of this can lead to deadly crashes.
  • Cargo not loaded properly: When cargo is not properly strapped-down or properly packed, it can shift around inside of the trailer. If the trucker makes an abrupt movement and the cargo inside shifts that same way, it can cause the tractor-trailer to swing to one side, rollover or worse.

When there has been a catastrophic trucking accident in StuyTown NYC, you need high-quality legal representation from dedicated, honest lawyers who can help explain and navigate the complexities of these cases.

Federal Rules and Regulations for Truck Drivers

The federal rules enacted by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) were enacted for the safety of drivers who may be pressured by their employers and also for the safety of all others who share the roads and interstates with these big-rigs. Hours of Service regulations which dictate how long a trucker is allowed to be continuously on the road, state that if the driver is carrying a load, then they may drive for 11 consecutive hours (after 10 hours off-duty); and if they are transporting people, like a bus driver would, then the limit is 10 consecutive hours after nine hours off-duty.

Why Should Truck Drivers Be Held Accountable for Stuyvesant Town Truck Accidents?

Truckers need to follow the traffic rules in place in the State of New York, local laws in place throughout the City of NY and many other rules in place to ensure everyone’s safety. Truckers are required to hold a CDL commercial license and also take special safety course as well.

Some of the issue that arise with big-riggers that can cause accidents include:

  • Driver fatigue. Truckers may be forced to drive long hours with little to no rest, which is dangerous and can lead to accidents.
  • Distraction: When traveling long distances, it can be easy to become tired and bored, which can lead to taking eyes and ears off the road, to text message others or chat on a cell phone, both of which are distracting and dangerous.
  • Blind spots. Because tractor-trailers are simply so long and tall, there are significant blind spots for the average trucker, especially to their right passenger side.

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