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NYC Bus Accident Lawyer

Posted by Michael Redenburg | Jul 17, 2020 | 0 Comments

Buses are omnipresent on the streets of Manhattan, New York City. Alot of commuters rely on buses for everything from their trips to work to their visits to family and friends. To optimize efficiency, these buses are designed to carry up to fifty or more people at a time. Unfortunately, this makes them dangerous in the event of an accident.

Bus drivers and the companies they work for have a duty to care for all of their passengers. If a passenger is injured due to the negligence of a bus driver or operating company, the passenger has a right to seek representation by and through an NYC Bus Accident Lawyer to re-coop compensation. A Manhattan bus accident attorney will work with you to investigate what led to the bus crash and delegate fault to the responsible parties.

Identifying the Defendants

Most car accident cases are fairly straightforward when it comes to fault, since the only parties involved are the at-fault driver or drivers and the injured person. However, when an individual is injured in an accident with a bus, identifying the defendants may become more difficult.

How Could Private Companies be Defendants in an NYC Bus Accident?

The easiest cases result when a bus is operated by a private busing company. In these matters, the company is directly responsible for the actions of their employees. As a result, a claim for injuries against a private bus outfit names the bus driver and their employer as defendants. These claims may be settled before the need for a trial.

Bus accident victims should be aware, however, that there are strict time limits to file certain documents if the bus involved was an MTA, New York City Transit, or other city bus.

Case Results:

$125,000 for NYC Bus Accident victim, who was a passenger on a bus who suffered a non-displaced T1-T2 fracture.

Typical Damages in Bus Accidents

Buses are huge, long vehicles. Consequently, they move with exertion and exert intense forces when they collide with other vehicles or pedestrians. This may result in severe injuries to pedestrians, auto occupants or bus occupants.

Bus accident victims may sustain severe physical injuries that can include:

  • Concussions
  • Broken bones
  • Fractures
  • Separated joints
  • Spinal cord injuries requiring surgery
  • Head trauma

In addition to any physical injury, bus accident victims may also claim damages for any lost income or emotional distress. Bus accident attorneys in New York City work with bus accident victims to educate them of the fair value of their case and work tirelessly for maximum recovery.

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