What Is Motor Vehicle Accident Reconstruction?

Motor vehicle accidents can happen in many different ways. Therefore, different types of motor vehicle accident reconstruction analyses may be helpful for the gathering of important data that can aid in determining the root cause of a NYC auto accident, taking into account different points in time. This can go a long way for proving liability in your case and obtaining the maximum possible settlement or verdict.

Accident reconstruction experts will have a significant background in science, engineering, accident investigation, law enforcement experience and physics. The selection of an appropriate accident reconstructionist is important because at trial, you will have to qualify the accident reconstructionist as an “expert” to have her testimony given the proper weight by the Judge and jury.

When is Vehicle Accident Investigation Needed?

It may be worthwhile to hire a vehicle accident reconstructionist in a major auto accident where liability is not clear-cut or disputed and injuries are serious in nature. Here are some common issues:

  • Vehicle speed and appropriateness of vehicle speed given all circumstances at the time of the collision;
  • Vehicle-to-vehicle distance;
  • Vehicle locations relative to one another (rear-end, t-bone, etc.);
  • Sight distance;
  • Collision severity;
  • Code or safety violations.

Types of Vehicular Accidents in NYC

Low-Speed Vehicle Accidents

Modern technology and computer software can be used to evaluate different types of vehicle accidents that involve fixed objects, cars, trucks, SUVs, tractor-trailers, buses, motorcycles, pedestrians and more. Experts may use sophisticated technology, software and methods to gather and analyze data. Brake system and performance analysis may be used and event data recorders can be analyzed.

Commercial Vehicle Accident Analysis & Reconstruction

Commercial vehicle accidents are even more complex because of variations in the technical aspects that may have caused the accident. Commercial vehicle accidents are much different than automobile or SUV accidents because they involve more compliance requirements, regulations and technical issues regarding electronics, mechanical and braking systems.

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